Ollivander and Dumbledore   

In shelter Cat

Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia...
Tabby, Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
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Ollivander and Dumbledore
Ollivander and Dumbledore are the sweetest male bobtail cats! They've been in a loving home but a family member has severe allergies so the family reluctantly needs to find a new home for them. Dumbledore is the smaller, darker cat and is a little over a year old. His buddy, Ollivander, is the buff-colored cat and is 3-years-old. They're great with kids! Although they've been raised with dogs, Ollivander usually hides from them. They'll need  need someone who is willing to be patient with them as it will take them some time for them to warm up to a new family. Dumbledore will quickly become a lap kitty after he has had a few days to acclimate to his new surroundings. Ollivander may not be as snuggly as Dumbledore but he does like attention. He also loves running water! Although they prefer to use separate litter boxes, Ollivander and Dumbledore are very bonded and need to be adopted together. Do these sweet boys sound like they would be a good fit for you family? Our policy is only to adopt bonded kittens together.  This bond will help the kittens adjust to their new home because they have the comfort and friendship of each other.  Even if there are other pets in the home, this bond will continue.  While single kittens that are not bonded with another kitten from their litter or foster home may be adopted, there must also be another cat in the new home under the age of two.  Adopting two kittens is always recommended because a kitten left alone during the day can become lonely and bored, which sometimes can lead to mischief.  Interested in adopting? Click the following link to complete a pre-adopt application:  https://fayettehumane.org/adopt/catapplication/For full details about ADOPTING, please visit our Adoption Guide (https://fayettehumane.org/adoption-information/adoption-guide/). All our dogs are tested for heartworms, spayed/neutered, up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines and flea prevention. Cats are tested for FLV/FIV when age appropriate, as kittens tested at an age less than 16 weeks tends to lead to unreliable results.  All our cats are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines and flea prevention.


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