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In shelter Dog

Spring, Texas, 77373
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
Silver & Tan (Yorkie colors)
Coat length:
All dogs listed here are available for adoption from Yorkie Rescue Houston.  Our goal is to ensure our rescued pets go to their forever home and never end up back in the system.  To that end, an application is required on all potential adopters.   Our adoption fee varies by dog.  We accept cash only.

Puppies too young to be spayed/neutered are available for Foster-to-Adopt only.  A FTA contract is required.

Thyroid medsUpdate 6/15/21 - Dobby has come back into the rescue. It seems that he was unable to bond with his adopter. Unfortunately, his health has regressed - he's experiencing thyroid issues and hair loss. We have started giving his medication on a regulated basis and his hair is starting to come back in again. He seems to be somewhat sight impaired, I believe that he can see shapes and shadows, but sometimes runs into things.  We have him on eye drops that will need to be continued. Also, since his return he has been experiencing issues with incontinence. Hopefully once his thyroid is regulated he will go back to not needing a wrap, but there is no guarantee that he will still have issues in the future and require a male wrap. He is a very vocal dog especially when he gets nervous - he generally does fine if you are in the room with him - he just wants to be with his person. He is NOT a lap dog, but generally will sit beside you. He's a love bug that needs a patient and understanding person to give him his forever home. ****************************

UPDATE 6/30/20 - This sweet boy came to us in pretty bad shape after being found on the streets. We took him to the vet where they diagnosed him with hypothyroidism and put him on medication which will be required for the rest of his life. Since being on the medication he has grown all the hair back - if you saw the before pics he had very little hair on his back. In addition, we have had his perineal hernias repaired - now this baby boy no longer has difficulty going to the bathroom. He is fairly well house trained - he has never pooped in the house but if left alone he sometimes has accidents. he is ready to go to his new family. He loves to be with his person and will follow you wherever you go. He prefers you not to leave him for very long and will show you how glad he is to see you return by showering you with kisses. All and all this little house elf is almost perfect! Do you have his perfect home?

*****************************************************************************This boy was found in Forest West Subdivision.  Finders named him Dobby.  It was quickly apparent that this dog had a major digestive issue.  He had a bulging 'PERINEAL HERNIA' He had no appetite, and ate only sparsely.  Finders took him to a local vet where they were presented with a $500+ estimate to diagnose (not TREAT.... JUST DIAGNOSE) this sweet pup.  Finders decided that was not an expense they were willing to absorb.  We offered to help.  Dobby was surrendered to us and we immediately had xrays done and sent to our surgical specialist at Triangle Veterinary in Conroe, TX  Based on initial exam, preliminary findings, this boy, based on body condition, was likely a 'Cushinoid'  meaning suffering with a condition known as 'Cushing's Disease'  The only way to be sure it to run labs.  A lab test known as ACTH STIM Test was done and the results are...

Repairing the hernia without addressing the underlying CAUSE is a waste of time, money and effort, as the cause must be treated before the result can be effectively treated.




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