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In shelter Dog

Whitewright, TX, 75491
Pet name:
Extra Large
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Jewel and a male that we believe to be her brother were picked up as strays from a rural area near Stephenville. Both dogs have done really well with our Nigerian Dwarf goats. The male is very outgoing and friendly with people, while Jewel is VERY skittish about people. While Ty was still here, we were making some progress in earning Jewels trust, but once Ty was adopted, Jewel went back to avoiding our touch. Since she lives in a paddock with goats, its easy for her to evade our attempts to pet her.

Jewel gets along well with other dogs, but like many Akbash females, she can be somewhat alpha in her temperament. She gets along well with most male dogs and SOME female dogs, but regardless of the sex of the other dog, Jewel wants to be the boss. She has never been mean or aggressive, but she will definitely put another dog in his or her place, to be sure that dog knows that Jewel is at the top of the pecking order.

Jewel will only be adopted to a place with secure fencing thats 5 or taller. No negotiation on this point because with a dog as skittish as she is, if she breaches your fence, she might never be caught again.

If you are interested in meeting Jewel, visit our website to read about our adoption process, and submit your application: Adoption Information (


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