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In shelter Dog

Framingham, MA, 01701
Pet name:
American Bully
Age: 1-2 years
Sex: female
Weight: 50-60lbs
Breed: drever/bully mix

Jenna is a young, sweet girl. She is full of energy and vinegar! She was almost immediately pulled from the shelter after surrender because she was shutting down in the shelter. Trembling literally from head to toe. Her owner had kept her in a pen since a puppy with her brother, so she’s never experienced a comfy inside life. Since being in foster she’s absolutely blossomed and has found her voice. She LOVES to talk. Nothing gets by her! She loves to run, play with toys and is obsessed with her little fan. She now does well on a leash, cats are unknown, and did well during dog meet and greet. She has no known aggression or behavioral issues. Jenna was pretty skinny on intake and she has not been fed with us around other dogs due to fear of possible food aggression. I don’t believe this will be an issue with her, but did want to include it. One thing her family needs to know about Jenna is that she is so timid. She is learning her con dence slowly but surely. An example being lawnmowers and vacuums. She will hide when she hears them. We’re con dent this is due to her lack of con dence and uncertainty in her surroundings. Owners evicted and couldn’t take them.