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In shelter Cat

Aurora, IL, 60504
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Gray / Blue / Silver
Meet Gata! She is a petite little two year old girl, dont let the name fool you! 

Gata is a beautiful gray, female tabby cat with really pretty markings and a sweet little face. She is a petite 8.5 pounds, although at 2 years she is fully grown. Gata loves to look out windows and watch the world go by. She is not destructive and uses a scratching post exclusively. She is generally sweet and calm but can be zoomy for 5-10 minutes just before bedtime. Other than that, she is very self-sufficient, and although she likes attention from her humans, she does just fine on her own. She prefers teens or adults rather than young children. She eats a dry kibble diet and uses the litter box with no accidents. She has not been tested with dogs and she would prefer her own kingdom.

Gato loves playing with toys and lounging on the foot of her foster mamas bed or curled up near her on the couch. She is a big fan of playing with the water coming from the sink! It is super cute to watch. 

She does not scratch furniture and loves her cat tower and scratch post. She does fabulous using her litter box!

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