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In shelter Cat

Calgary, AB, T3C 1W4
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Tabby (Tiger Striped)
Meet Momma Priscilla, loving momma to Rupert, Thomas, Tiffany and Mabel. 
Priscilla is a calmer young adult cat who enjoys a soft bed in a ray of sunshine- after raising a litter of kittens, who can blame her!? After growing up outdoors she is still learning to be comfortable around people in the home but comes around to new people quickly if you let her go at her own pace. As a dignified girl, she prefers sharing space with you over cuddling and affection, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be talked into enjoying the odd chin rub here and there! 
Priscilla would do best in a home with another social, confident cat. She thinks it would be pretty cool to stay with her buddy Melody, but adopting the two together is not a requirement. Priscilla does well with all cats with proper introductions and is very curious about the foster’s rowdy resident dogs- we believe a cat-savvy dog would be a great buddy for her as well! She would do best in a home with older/calmer children who can respect her need for space. 

Cats+ Kittens
$200.00 ($25 discount for multiple adoptions)
* pause4change reserves the right to determine suitability for multiple adoptions
1. Initial vet wellness check
2. All vaccines & de-worming required up to date of adoption
3. Surgical Sterilization (spay/neuter) 
4. Permanent Identification (microchip) 

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Pause4Change Rescue Foundation was founded in 2012 and is made up of dedicated volunteers who have worked within Alberta animal rescues for years. 
Compiled of a group of volunteers committed to education, Pause4Change believes that promoting responsible pet ownership will create a positive impact on animals lives within our community. Our hope is to empower people to become change agents and help drive sustainable practices within our communities. Pause4Change drives this message internally as well, by providing a structured training program for all our volunteers. 
Pause4Change functions entirely from our network of volunteers, and therefore relies heavily on your support.


All microchips registered with Findpet can be traced internationally through the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal pet microchip lookup, ensuring your pet's safety at home or during travel.