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In shelter Cat

Elkridge, MD, 21075
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Yaba is anxiously awaiting a forever home, after being returned by her previous adopter due to no fault of her own. Unfortunately, Yaba had gotten sick with upper respiratory issues and her adopter could not afford a vet bill, so Yaba was surrendered back to ASHA.

Yaba is super friendly and extremely affectionate! She loves her food and treats. Not only does Yaba enjoy cuddling and showing affection but she also loves playing with toys. Yaba truly is the best of both worlds. Fun and lovey!

She will do great in just about any home and would even do great with kids. She is not a huge fan of dogs but could possibly do okay with a calm cat-friendly dog. Yaba was previously in a home with another cat but did show some aggression from time to time according to the previous adopter. She is available for foster to adopt if you have another pet in the home and want to see how they get along before committing to adoption.

Interested in adopting one of our kitties?!

The first step in the adoption process is the adoption application which is located on our website 

Our website includes a lot of info, including a FAQ page with lots of answers.

Once your application is reviewed we will contact you to schedule the home check video chat to ensure that you have all the basic supplies set up in an isolation/ introduction room and there are no health hazards to the cat in your home. We can also help answer any additional questions you may have at this time.

Next is the meet and greet with you and the adoptable kitty youre interested in. We are a foster system so we do not have a facility. Visits to meet an adoptable animal at a foster family is by appointment only. In the rare case that you decide your initial kitty isnt the right fit, we can introduce you to our many other types of cats to find the right fit.

Once you have settled on your new furry family member, the next step is to complete and sign the adoption contract with an ASHA volunteer to finalize the adoption.

Adoption Fees: $125 for kittens under a year old and $75 for cats over a year old. We do offer a 15% discount for adopting 2 cats at once.


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