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In shelter Cat

Germantown, MD, 20875
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Tabby (Gray / Blue / Silver)
Coat length:
Hi, my name is Celest.  I was was wandering outside and Doe Eyes rescued me from the place where I was living outside and being fed by some humans, but it wasnt really my home and I was a stray. But I was pregnant and the humans feeding me werent going to keep my kittens.  My foster humans took me in and gave me a safe, loving space for me to have my 4 kittens just 3 days before my friend that I was rescued with had her kittens.  The 2 of us ended up co-parenting all of our lovely kittens, as well as a littler of little orphan kittens that we felt so bad for, we couldnt help but take in and raise as our own.  I was a little jealous that Gracie had her kittens first, so I would occasionally take 1 or to and try to feed them myself, but once i had my own, we just raised them all together like one big happy family!

I was a teen mom, or at least, thats what the vet said.  He guessed that I probably was only about 2 or 3 years old. But said I was in really good health and my teeth looked great (thanks for the compliment, i guess?).

I spent the first few months at my foster home too busy being pregnant and then caring for my babies to play much, and I still like to mother my kids occasionally (theyre getting big though!), Im finally excited to relax and just be a cat now.  I absolutely love to lay in a sunny spot and get warm, but one of my other favorite spots is in the cat tree where i can look out the window and bird watch. When my fosters hang out after the work day, I really like spending time in their laps, but sometime I think its pretty fun to hop from the cat tree onto their backs if they are bent over cleaning the cat litter.  Its a mobile perch and funny to startle them, but I try to be gentle about it at least!

Im not a kitten anymore, but I am still young and with plenty of energy.  But even better, Im much more calm than a kitten so I wont terrorize your house!

Celeste is a wonderfully friendly, young kitty that has had her litter of kittens.  She has had occasional exposure to the dogs (corgis) and while protective when the kittens were little, now is more willing to just hang out around the pups and give head boops, so she will likely do well with other dogs too after having time to settle in.

Her kittens are Aurora, Nebula, Orion, Sputnik, and Apollo, some of which may also still be available for adoption (please check here and with our adoption coordinator).

Her adoption fee is $195 and covers her receiving all the following BEFORE coming to your home...

-FVRCP vaccines
-Leukemia vaccines
-Rabies vaccine
-combo tested for FIV/FELV
-flea and ear mite treated

If you would like to adopt this sweet girl to your home, please fill out an application and we will be in touch with you ASAP!


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