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In shelter Cat

Newport Beach, CA, 92658
Pet name:
American Shorthair
Black & White / Tuxedo
The cat family was raised in a private homeIM DAISY THE MOST LOVED KITTEN. Everyone tells me that I am their favorite and so I know that I am cute being black and white with my black mustache that everyone comments on! I like to be the center of attention and Im a big hit on Zoom calls! People are always asking to adopt just me, but I love my sister Java and want to a home that would love us both! My sister Java lets me be the boss and I like that!

But Im not just a great looking kitten. I just want to love everyone! Im always the first to run up to people and get my belly rubbed. I like to explore and pretend to hunt my sister and then we play chase. My sister Java is very special to me and I would like us to grow up together!

The two of us lay on top of the cat tree and hang over the edge and snooze. If my sister is still sleeping and cant play then I chase my tail and then I will play with my toys.

I am looking for us to be adopted by a person that makes the time to take care of us just right! Im a very clean kitten and I am fastidious about having a clean box.

If you rub my tummy then I will be your best friend always and I will adore you!

For more info, call or text DiAnna at 949-759-3646 or email at This kitty is being cared for by Community Animal Network, a non-profit organization founded by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin in 1996. C.A.N is a veterinary medical rescue that helps local animals find forever homes. The animals are cared for and raised in private homes.

The founder of Community Animal Network, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, is very particular about the quality of raising the kittens with vitamins, proper diet. A board-certified feline specialist provides the animals with their veterinary medical care and Community Animal Network offers veterinary internships to young people as young as 15 that have aspirations of becoming a vet.

Feral kittens are tamed to "pet quality" and rescue cats that are shy are disclosed and termed, "rescue quality" with a lower placement fee. With all adoptions DiAnna Pfaff-Martin gives valuable information about cat care in a "feline pet-parenting consultation" to adopters. The most current information is made available about how to keep your cat healthy, pet foods, litters and how to make your cat more affectionate and her specialty is teaching, "How To Make Cats Happy!" The AVID microchip is implanted in every cat and the chips registration fee is included in the adoption and the animals come with a 30 day heath commitment and return policy.

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Community Animal Network

P.O. Box 8662

Newport Beach, CA 92658


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