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In shelter Dog

Bakersfield, CA, 93301
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
•••Meet Harper•••

• She  is  approximately  1  1/2 years old 
• weighs  about 65lbs.   
•She is very active and enjoys water, walks and hikes.  
• Treadmill trained
•She is crate trained and does well in the house. 
••smaller animals are not recommended.

We call her Happy Harper. She has a very bubbly personality and loves to do anything fun... swimming is definitely one of her strong loves.  She does well being around most all animals, she is just to rough and playful so we recommend no animals smaller than her.  Once she knows you she loves you but not in a smushy way. She loves pets and kisses and definitely wants to be where you are. But she is not needy etc... give her something to play with or play ball etc with her and she’s happy.  She is crate trained and  does very well on a treadmill. A few minutes a day or a couple days a week. 

   Harper is  very pretty  with beautiful gold eyes. She  loves,  people, car rides and adventures. Playful  and  plays  well  with dogs  her  size. She loves water.     Her favorite thing is to swim with her human. 
   It is obvious her previous home did not give  her  training  and  she  will  need the  basics in all areas. 
    The  good  thing about Harper, 
 •she is  intelligent  and  catches on quickly.     
 •Loves  to please  and  will  work for rewards.  
 • Very athletic  and  would  make  a great  running companion.  Plenty of energy to keep up. 

Harper  is  ready  for  her new  home.  

The adoption fee is $250. and  includes being vaccinated, spayed  and microchipped. 

 We  prefer  she is not placed  in a household with smaller  dogs  and cats.  She is  good  with  children  but does  not  like  sudden quickness  in her  direction  so  we  think  she  needs  to be in a  home  with children who are good with dogs,  10 and older.  

for any questions or  a meet  and greet.
      •••Please inquire by text •••
           at 661-809-5555


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