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Peppermint Paddy   

In shelter Dog

Bristol, CT, 06010
Pet name:
Peppermint Paddy
American Staffordshire Terrier
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Peppermint Paddy is a 3 year old female staffy/boxer mix. She is about 48lbs, and is full grown and will not get any bigger. Peppermint Paddy has lived a life of pure neglect. When you meet her you would NEVER know, she is so happy to meet everyone and smiling from ear to ear. She is gentle, and sweet, affectionate, and an overall wonderful pooch. I guess we understand why she is as happy as she is, she has finally escaped her living hell. 

Peppermint Paddy would get loose occasionally from her owners, and neighbors, and locals would find her, and post her on social media " Found, very sweet sweet baby, someone has to be looking for this doll!" and her owners would come and get her, this smiling happy girl, who was happy because she was free and got a nice meal from a nice stranger, even if for a short while, she was happy. But her owners would pick her up and throw her back in her outdoor kennel, with her puppies, who were also starving. Peppermint Paddy continued to find ways to get lose. Most likely due to being desperate to find food and water. Her puppies contined to try to drink from her, but her milk had dried up. Lack of food and water, and 6 hungry mouths to feed, her milk supply just wasnt cutting it anymore for the 8 -9 week old puppies who should be eating kibble at this age. Slowly, the puppies began to fade, one after another after another. Finally neighbors had enough, animal control wouldnt save the mom or pups, so they begged the family to allow the dogs to come to rescue. The agreed to place 2 of the puppies in rescue. But they wanted to keep the brindle male puppy, his mom Peppermint Paddy. They refused our offer to fix both the puppy and mom. They refused our pleas for the dogs to need socialization, they refused and said they are staying in the pen, they dont need to be socialized.. Their intention was to breed Peppermint Paddy with her male puppy, to produce more brindle puppies for them to sell. 

We have tried multiple times to save both the last puppy, and Peppermint Paddy, finally they gave in and allowed us to take the 3rd puppy. A month went by, we still continued to try to get them to surrender the mom to us. We couldnt leave her there, the last update we got was she was tied to a tree with so little slack she couldnt lay down, no food, no water, no form of shelter other than the tree.. They had her tied, because she escaped the pen again. 

Finally we were told that they were allowing us to take Peppermint Paddy! We didnt waste a moment, we rushed to get her, and get her vetted. She got her freedom ride out of her horrific past or sheer neglect and disregaurd for her life. Peppermint Paddy is now spayed, and medically up to date, and ready to find a REAL FAMILY, a family who will love her as much as she will love them. Peppermint Paddy deserves the best family, and home! We have made a promise to her, to find her, her happy furever after.

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Paws Rescue League Inc.

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