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In shelter Dog

Dillsburg, PA, 17019
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
White / Cream
Coat length:
Hey frens! Well, I’m still with the rescue but I’ve been living in a foster home for a few months now. At first it was scary and I was nervous, but now I think it’s pretty cool here and maybe having a home of my own would be be kinda cool!

My foster mom says I’m needy because I prefer to take naps on her lap or in the middle of the bed. She also says I snore like a pig too but I think she’s lying. I also like to suckle and gently chew on her hands, like a pacifier! It helps me calm down and puts me to sleep.

I’ve learned a lot while in a foster home. I don’t really bark too much, I don’t jump up on the table or counters, and I am generally a good girl too. My foster mom says I’m super smart, and sassy, but sometimes I get frustrated or overwhelmed and then I will stomp my feet and huff at her! She’s pretty good at calming me down and she’ll teach you too. Walks and car rides can be great, but sometimes I get scared so slow introductions to new places and short walks at first would be best for me.

I like destroying, I mean playing with tennis balls, stuffed animals, and Kongs and puzzle toys are awesome too! I like learning new things, and my foster mom is always introducing me to new training games. Sometimes they’re lame and I’ll just walk away, but usually they’re pretty fun!

I love meeting people, as long as we go slow. I’m the kind of dog that will shower you with love and attention after I’m comfortable and trust you. I don’t really remember my life before rescue but I know it wasn’t great so I’m cautious, but when I love you oh boy I love you with everything I have!

I think I want a home where I can be the center of attention and if there is at least one person who is home a lot, I would really like that. I’m fine being home alone but sometimes I sing when I think no one is around. Kids are scary for me, so adults only would be better for me.

Well, it’s time for a nap, so I need to go find my pacifier!

If you are interested in meeting Miss Sophie, please go to our website,, and complete an application. Local families only please as we need to work with you for a transition from her foster home to your home. Miss Sophie needs a dog savvy home with lots of patience, love, structure, daily enrichment, and positive reinforcement to help her overcome her fears.


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