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In shelter Dog

East Rockaway, NY, 11518
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Apricot / Beige
Coat length:
Montana is a stunning 7-8 yr young female AmStaff.  70lbs.  Montana is great at basic commands like "sit", "down", "roll over", "paw" and "stand up".  She is house broken and crate trained. She can be energetic but also loves her cuddle time..  Montana would LOVE an active home.  She would do best in a home with a fenced yard or in an area that is not very congested as it takes her time to warm up to new people--she is shy at first so a crowded apartment building with no private yard would be stressful for her.   Montana does enjoy her walks and is loose leash (positive reinforcement) trained. 
Montana was found as a stray (as a puppy) with her brother Chevy.  They were taken to the town shelter where they were pulled by fur babies after their hold period.  Montana was adopted by a family hoping her presence would keep their son from moving out.  Montana and the son formed an amazing bond--he was the only one who played with her, trained her, walked her, etc.  Because of a job opportunity he had to leave and sadly no one else in the home paid much mind to poor Montana.  She was returned to us at about 2 yrs old.  A very scared and unsure pup who really didnt know much about the world. For lack of foster homes Montana went into boarding.  Then FBRR raised funds to have her stay with a trainer instead of just boarding, figuring that getting some exercise and reinforcement of her commands would help to find her forever home more quickly.   Sadly the trainer got in over her head and collected over 100 dogs.  None of which got the training they needed or reinforcement or even exercise.   Poor Montana was stuck in a tiny crate 24/7.  When FBRR was made aware of the situation we went and got her.  For everything Montana has been through she still has an AMAZING spirit!  She enjoys nothing more than to be with her people.  She greets neighbors she knows (slow intros are a must) on walks and loves to go on "sniff-faris" searching out squirrels!  This girl can jump and climb--she is very agile and would likely LOVE some beginner agility classes!  She is doing well playing with large male dogs that enjoy playing and are submissive but does not like to share her food or high value bones, because of this she would do best as an only dog.   She sits and waits nicely for her leash to be put on and she has great manners on walks and jogs!  She needs some reminders when squirrels are involved!  No small animals for her! Montana also gives the sweetest gentle kisses, hugs and nudges! Montana has no experience with children and they make her nervous so a home without children is a must.  

Please give this AMAZING girl a chance!!  She has soooooo much love to give!!  FBRR needs a foster home or forever home for her ASAP.  We can provide a trainer to work with her new family as she adjusts and settles in (we can also provide supplies if needed--crate bowls food etc) 
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