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Miss Princess *Cross Post for PCHS*   

In shelter Dog

Saint Paul, MN, 55104
Pet name:
Miss Princess *Cross Post for PCHS*
American Staffordshire Terrier
IMPORTANT: We are making a courtesy post for Miss Princess. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue does not have this dog in our program. If youre interested, please contact Pennington County Humane Society via their website at or via email at The adoption process will go through Pennington County Humane Society, not MPBR. We just want to help find Miss Princess her home: *************************************************************

Name: Miss Princess

Age or Date of Birth: 8/16/14

Activity Level: I’m a good mix of snuggle and play. Mostly a couch potato with the perfect amount of zoomie time!

Things I do in my free time: Play with stuffy toys, walks, and lay on the couch.

Things I know: My name, sit, come, down, “Yes” is good, “No” is not good. How to do stairs, how to use a doggie door! 

Things I am learning/currently working on: Not to pull on the leash.

Who I currently live with: I don’t have a home to call my own, but the nice peeps at the shelter have me in a house environment to find out more information about me!

How I do with kids: Older kids that I can’t knock over would be best.

How I do with dogs: Selective in the shelter environment

How I do with cats: Prefer not.

My current size: I am medium to large.

How I do in my kennel: I prefer not to be in a kennel anymore!

How I do on car rides: Did you say RIDE! I do great! I sit in the front seat and enjoy watching out the window.

Am I house trained? Yes. I sit by the door when I need to go outside. Here, I know how to use a doggie door. I haven’t had ANY accidents in the house.

Additional Info from shelter staff/volunteers: She is happy-go-lucky girl who loves massages. She wants to be near you and enjoys pets. She does well with a harness and barely barks. Miss Princess loves playing with her stuffed chicken (and plush toys)! She is content lying next to you while working at a desk. She does very well in stores and wants attention from anyone she meets. She is a very easy-going dog in a house environment who loves people & can be a bed hog. Miss Princess has been in the shelter for 336 days and is truly an amazing dog. We would love to have her find her forever home!