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In shelter Dog

Salem, OR, 97303
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
White / Cream
Name: Cinder
Age: appx 1 year old
Gender: female
Breed: pit mix
Fostered in Sherwood
Adoption fee $400
Apps at
Weight: 48 pounds
Estimated adult/healthy weight: 48-50 pounds
-Good with-
Dogs: yes, if there is a slow introduction. She will bark when she sees other dogs, so we are working on that.
Cats: no kitties unless youre ready to put in some training time with this. She has a drive to chase.

Kids: loves kids and is so good with them
Ages of kids most around: 4, 7
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes, but will sometimes bark if she knows youre home (she will stop barking, but you typically have to call her name)
Leash trained: pulls with just a collar so working on walking with a harness
Basic commands known: sit, shake, place - working on down, wait (stay) and okay (release)
Likes car rides: does well
Loves to cuddle: yes!!! She will curl up next to you on the couch, and if there are any blankets left where she can get to them, you can find her laying on top of them (she also doesnt mind if shes covered up).
Likes to play? (People/dogs): Yes! She loves to run around with and chase the resident dogs. She is learning what dog toys are. She loves to chew bones, but with some work I think she will be a good fetch dog!
Best personality trait: Cinder is such a sweet girl. She wants to be with her people and be an active part of the family. She is a smart girl who picks up things quickly.

Needs to work on: There are two things that Cinder needs to work on:

1. Not bolting out of doors when they open. Once she gets out she likes to explore the neighborhood and thinks its a game to come back. We have been working on stopping at doors and using the wait and okay commands (on a leash).
2. Not being food possessive/resource guarding with other dogs. She is still learning that she will always get two meals a day. She cannot be left to roam when other dogs are eating or she will go for their food.

Family requirements (note if the dog needs a fence, other dogs in the home, kids/no kids, breed experience, high/low activity, etc): Cinder needs a home with a solid and reliable fence. She would do well as an only dog, but that is not a requirement. Again, if there are other dogs in the house there would need to be a slow introduction period. Because Cinder has some quirks to work out, she would benefit from a breed savvy owner who has the time and willingness to work with her. Cinder would be a good adventure buddy, but she will be just as happy snuggling up for a lazy day.

Other info?: Cinder is such a smart and sweet girl who deserves the world.


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