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In shelter Dog

Seattle, WA, 98101
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Coat length:
NOVA LOVES YOU ALREADY AND YOU BARELY JUST MET!!! She wanted to write her own bio and we obliged! 

Hi! My name is Nova! I really want a place to call my own, and someone to love. I could easily fit in with a single person, couple or family with kids and other dogs. I am not the kind of girl you need to constantly entertain, I enjoy my alone time and love a good kong toy. I am adventourous and I love car rides, but I am also fine with staying in and binge watching Yellowstone, Ozark, Bridgerton or anything else action packed!  I wouldnt mind living in an apartment because I love walks on the leash! I am a 4 year old staffy and I weigh about 65lbs. I am housebroken, crate trained and low/medium energy. About 8 months ago I was living on the street. Things werent going too well for me and I was scared. Sometimes, it got really hot and I had to lay in puddles of rain just to cool down. I didnt always eat and people would yell at me for digging in their trash. I was feeling pretty hopeless when one night, something amazing happened...some awesome people saw I needed help and saved me. 

At first, my foster parents thought I was pregnant because my stomach was so swollen. When they got me to the doctor we found out the reason my belly was swollen is because I had heartworms and I was retaning fluid. The doctor said that I probably wouldnt make it since I was in such bad shape. Little did he know what a fighter I am! Not going to lie, I had a rough time during treatment. Sometimes I would feel sick and tired. I had a bad cough. I was on antibiotics, had blood work monthly and my foster family monitored my progress. I slowly started to get my strength back and I was strong enough to finally receive the heartworm injections I needed to save my life a few months ago. 

After this long journey of getting my health right...I am now HEARTWORM NEGATIVE! Now we can do stuff together, isnt that cool? Totally not opposed to going with you to a brewery, drive in movie or outdoor cafe. If you wanna stay in and have a pizza night...thats totally fine too! I have so much love to give and I know I can make you happy if you just give me a shot. I am self sufficient, calm, love walks in the sunshine or just laying by your feet. I am dog friendly. I am very food motivated and my foster parents can give you a list of my favorite snacks. 

I am fully vetted, spayed and microchipped. Wanna meet up? Email my foster mama I am sure she will say yes! Would love to get to know you.

With Love and Peanut Butter, 



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