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In shelter Dog

Unionville, VA, 22567
Pet name:
American Staffordshire Terrier
Gray / Blue / Silver
Coat length:
Our sweet blue mama came to us from a Georgia shelter where she was scheduled for euthanasia as she was homeless, emaciated, pregnant and heart worm positive. She was found by the animal control officer in rural Georgia with her sister. They were running loose and both pregnant and severely malnourished. She delivered her babies on the cold concrete of the shelter floor. AFAR moved her family to Virginia at 1 week. She has been a wonderful Mama, she dug a hole in my flower garden and tried to move her pups outside into the safety of the hole. Clearly she was working on her survival instincts and I suspect she reared her prior pups in the wild. Amazingly, she is one of the sweetest, affectionate dogs I have ever met. Toys have been a new experience for her. She didn’t know what to do at first with stuffed toys, and she brought them all into her whelping pool, lined them up next to her puppies. She now has caught on that destuffing the toy and finding the squeaker is much more fun! She likes balls and is starting to play with them.
She gets along well with other dogs, would do well as a single dog home or with a submissive pup (she acts bossy at times “like a big sister”). She LOVES to be petted and loves to snuggle with her human in bed. She waits all day for her human and wags her tail so much that she actually wags from her waist down.
A fenced yard is needed as she loves to run and play outdoors. No cats. She is crate trained and is crated when I am out of the house until she fully learns her house manners. She is house trained. She has been vetted, spayed and treated for her heart


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