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Amino DFW   

In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78729
Pet name:
Amino DFW
Anatolian Shepherd
Finding Ami (aka Amino) is fostered in the DFW area...this sweet gal was left behind after her owners moved. Not much is known about her history but she was finally picked up by TGPR and is on her road to happily ever after. She is on the older side, best guess is around 5 years old, weighs about 85 pounds, a Pyr-Anatolian cross, with an adorably short but thick, fluffy coat. She is potty trained, untested in the kennel, but her fosters are thinking she does not need one. She is stiff at times so does not seem to have the need to jump on furniture or people, but she will hop and prance to show her delight and excitement when you come around. Ami needs proper and slow introductions to other dogs and her fosters think she would do best in a quieter home with no children or at least older ones and she would also be perfectly happy as an only dog. She is tolerant of her foster fur-siblings but is not interested in playing or engaging them; no aggression and she will follow them around the yard, she just isnt very doggy-social. She is indifferent to the cat but they also just give each other space. Ami is perfectly happy hanging with her humans inside or out. This sweet little lady is just looking for that special family to show her the love she has been lacking for a long time now.