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In shelter Dog

Bloomfield, CT, 06002
Pet name:
Anatolian Shepherd
Lola, such a musical name that just rolls right off the tongue. Sing it softly as you fall in love with our Lola, a big, beautiful Anatolian Shepherd mix with a fawn-colored coat, a black snout and big deep eyes that want to follow you everywhere, especially to her new forever home.Like her sibling Leroy, Lola is going to a big, big, big girl! She is already 43 pounds at just over 5 months old so it is estimated she will be an extra-large gal (over 100 pounds) when full grown. Anatolian Shepherds are an ancient working breed, from Asia Minor, where they were bred to be working dogs. Lola is a splendid example of the breed, who enjoys playtime with dogs and children. Since she is still a baby, she has not had the opportunity to meet and play with cats. Lola tends to be on the timid side especially when she does not have her confident brother by her side. Although she is easily coaxed into following her person and exploring new things. Her house, leash and crate training are all in process. Since she is a pup, it will be best to start at the beginning with all training lessons. An established bathroom routine after meals, exercise and naps will help her adjust quickly to housetraining. Pups need a puppy-proofed house where all dangerous and poisonous chews and items are out of reach. Since puppy growth plates do not close until they about 1 year old, Lola with be kept healthy with short walks, gentle games and plenty of rest time. If crate training is planned, Lola will need a crate that is big enough for her, as she grows, to stand and turn around in as well as lie down comfortably. Crates should be cozy, happy places for dogs to hang out and Lola should have time to explore her crate and go in and out as she wishes. The family that wants the opportunity to raise a puppy to adulthood and can handle a big girl down the road, will always sing a happy tune with Lola. The adoption fee for Lola is $500. That includes the cost of spaying/neutering, up to date vaccinations, foster care, rescue and transportation fees. To get the ball rolling, head over to our Adoption Application and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. To speed up the process, contact your vet and give them permission to speak with us.If you do not get a response within 24 hours, check your spam folder.


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