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In shelter Dog

White Bear Lake, MN, 55110
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Chloe – who the foster re-named Jackie- is a 1 yr old Basenji mix that came to us as an unclaimed stray. At 30#, she is at her ideal weight. The pictures are close-ups, and make her look bigger than she actually is - the cat she is playing with in the video weighs 20#, so she only weighs 10# more than that. Jackie likes to be with her person. If the foster mom is sitting on the loveseat with her dog, there isn’t any room for Jackie, but she will jump up and sit on top of the resident dog or in the foster’s lap – they adjust to fit everyone in the available space. Both dogs and the cat sleep together on the bed with the foster at night.  Having lots of energy, she and the resident dog do a lot of running with and after each other. It’s not uncommon for them to grab each other’s fur on the neck, or grab the collar when they play, and they rough house both inside and outside. When tired, they sleep together on the bed. Having another young, playful dog in the home would be a real plus in helping meet some of her exercise needs. She also plays with the cat – at first the cat didn’t like Jackie’s style of play and growled at her. Now they rough house with each other, and sometimes even run after each other for short distances. Being so young, she still needs supervision in the house, and you need to keep your valuables out of her reach. She has pulled most of the stuffing out of an old dog bed…..while the cat watched. Sometimes when she is outside she sits still, and is listening alertly and watches the activity in the neighborhood. The foster says “her ears are like giant radar scanners pulling in noises”.  She is friendly and  likes meeting new people, although she can be a pest as she will persistently bounce around new-comers. Sometimes she tries to jump into a person’s lap to get closer to them. She was temporarily in a home with a younger child, and was a good companion – we think she enjoy an older, respectful child in her home. She’s so energetic, she might accidentally knock a small child over. Likes to chew on rawhide bones and Kongs filled with food. Other toys are out for her, but she hasn’t been interested in them. 
Jackie had a few accidents in the house as she learned the routine. Now she seems to be housebroken – the foster is home most of the time and can frequently let her outside (especially now, with the weather being so nice). Rides well in the car –open the door and she jumps right in.  Has been kenneled when left – but only for an hour or two at a time. She has also gone into the kennel on her own for short periods of time. The 2 dogs are fed in separate rooms, as Jackie would push her way in and eat the other dog’s food after she finished her own. She would benefit from obedience training – she doesn’t know many commands, but will “sit” when told to if she sees you will throw a treat her way. She has only been on a leash a few times – has not been trained to “heel”, but does not pull, either. She’ll need an active person that could jog with her or take her to the dog park – she’ll need more activity than one walk a day. She comes with called. 
Jackie is current on vaccinations, including bordetella, and she tested negative for heartworms. She is spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $350 . Her ideal match would be someone that won’t have to leave her home every day when they go to work, that has another playful dog. A fenced yard is a requirement for adoption. Call 651-771-5662 to meet this adorable dog.
Second Chance Animal Rescue (651) 771-5662


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