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In shelter Dog

San Diego, CA, 92116
Pet name:
Basset Hound
Tesha is a good dog but has a few issues. Tesha is incontinent and is unable to control her bladder. Shes about 3 years old and is a basset hound breed. She can be aggressive with any other animals so it is best that she be in a home as an only animal in the home. She is blind in one and has chronic skin issues that will need attention daily. She can be very loving with certain individuals but does not like strange females as all. She has a fun black white and brown spotted coat. Her little tail always wags when she is happy. She is a very loud barker but is able to be calm in the mornings but can bark at night a lot. She has been fixed and is up to date on all vaccines.We do not have a central location to see our dogs. Meeting any dog is by appointment ONLY currently. Appointments can be set up to meet any dog in San Diego. Currently we are unable to do any out-of-state adoptions.

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