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In shelter Dog

Gretna, FL, 32352
Pet name:
Apricot / Beige
A FENCED-IN YARD AND HOME VISIT are requirements to be considered as a candidate to adopt any of our companion pets. 

Nina comes to us as a rescue from the Island of Puerto Rico, who confronts an epic animal welfare crisis. Nina is about 5 years old. She is spayed, current on shots, and microchipped. Nina relates well with other dogs and interacts appropriately with humans. She is partially house trained, she will need a refresher. Ninas personality is laid back, She enjoys a bit of playtime but prefers to company of humans. 

Here is how our adoption process works:

Residents applying to adopt one of our rescues MUST have a fenced-in yard (no electric fences) and be willing to allow us to come with the dog to their residence to complete a home visit. We accept (2) applicantions per dog. Applications are evaluated in the order and stamp time and day they are received. We do not bump residents, nor change the requested dog if somebody has submitted an application for a dog and later wants to change to a different one, your initial application will be used but your will not be considered before a person that had applied for that animal first, you could then become either number 2 or any other number in our list.

Residents from Panama City, Panama City Beach, are informed that we will only travel to complete the home visit on Mondays, and this is assuming we have two applications for this area, otherwise we will complete a virtual home visit

If applicant if from a state other than Florida, please know that prior to applying you need to consider how you will be transporting the dog to your home. We may be able to assist you with information regarding transportation companies or airlines but we do not complete the transportation arrangements.

Interested resident needs to complete and submit this form:

Once we receive your application, we evaluate it. If the organizations requirements are met, i.e., fenced-in-yard and willingness to allow the home visit, we then contact you to schedule the home visit. There is no compromise on your part to adopt the dog or on ours to allow you to embrace the dog. This visit could be either in person or virtual, depending on the distance between your home and our location.

We travel up to 1 hour from our location to the residents address. Our primary interest is to meet you, evaluate your yard, and see how the dog responds to you, your family, and any other animal in the household.

These visits often occur either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 10 to 11 am or 3 to 4 pm during the winter season. If everything goes as expected and the dog appears to be a good match for you and your family, and you feel this to be the case, and we have no objections, we proceed with the adoption. We will provide you with all the pets veterinary records and any other information on the pet.

Our adoption fee ranges from $ 225.00 to $325.00. Adoption Donations (fees) are determined by the cost of vetting and transporting the dog via airline/ground to our facility.

All of our dogs are vetted, current on shots, spayed/neutered, and microchipped!

When visiting your household, we will comply with CDC recommendations. I will wear a face mask and gloves, and we will meet in your backyard. It is as much a precaution to protect you as well as me as I am Immunocompromised. I hope you understand!