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Barrie Jane   

In shelter Dog

Oakland, AR, 72661
Pet name:
Barrie Jane
Black Labrador Retriever
Well hello. I am a super smart, energetic, well behaved healthy dog.  My brothers are here with me, staying safe while we  await permanent homes. We all enjoy attention, and chasing each other. The toys dont last long....we all play with each others toys! We came here because our human mommy and daddy had too many responsibilities already and they knew wed each be better off with our own special families.
I will need a  fenced yard to be safe in while I grow and learn the boundaries of my new home. I am a very sweet little lady, happy to be petted but not so much for walking on a leash. Ill do best with kind, reassuring words and patience when you teach me. I want to have my own family and my own special place to call home. Ill be a loving, happy dog youll treasure for years and years. May I please come home with you, forever? 
Interested in having me join your family? Then call today (870) 431-8354 or email the sanctuary: They will be happy to tell you how easy it is to apply for my adoption and quickly take me home.


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