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Wednesday Addams   

In shelter Dog

Seattle, WA, 98101
Pet name:
Wednesday Addams
Black Labrador Retriever
Meet Wednesday Addams!

Sweet Wednesday is a 2 month old Lab mix that had quite a rough start to life. Wednesday was brought into an ER in Washington state after being attacked by another dog multiple times. Sadly the owner could no longer care for her and signed her over to the animal hospital where Doggedly was immediately called.

Once Wednesday had a full check up, it was discovered that she had a rather large eye ulcer, a skull fracture, multiple bite wounds, and a few healing rib fractures. She was immediately placed into one of our medical fosters homes where she has been resting and healing.

Wednesday had a recheck about 1 week after leaving the ER were it was discovered that her right eye is not currently producing tears, called Neurogenic KCS, believed to be from the head trauma she received. She currently gets mediated drops into the right eye every 6 hours along with artificial tears throughout the day to try and stimulate her tear production. We are hoping the tear production returns but there is no guarantee. This process can take anywhere from 25 days to 150 days if the production returns but there is a chance the eye never recovers resulting in her eye needing to be removed or she will need to stay on eye drops for her entire life. 

Wednesday is thriving in her foster home and has a wonderful personality. She loves to snuggle and chase her foster siblings butt fluff as they run around the yard together. Wednesday would love a home with another dog but will be okay without. She is good with other dogs, timid with larger dogs due to her history but she is getting better, good with cats and kids. 

Due to age, Wednesday has not yet been fixed and will be on a foster-to-adopt contract until old enough for surgery. 

All puppies will come with a spay/neuter voucher to cover services at approved rescue veterinarians in the greater Seattle area. Altering this pet is required and part of the adoption contract.

If you are interested in adopting Wednesday Addams, please fill out an application at to be considered! 

Adoption Fee: $800


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