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Robin Rettung   

In shelter Rabbit

Madison, WI, 53704
Pet name:
Robin Rettung
Bunny Rabbit
Meet Robin Rettung! Robin is a super sweet, super soft, and super gentle bun who has finished raising her babies and is looking for her very own furever. She loves her ear scritches and face pets, doesn’t mind a quick butt scratch, and binkies when her foster humans enter the room. Robin uses her litter box almost always (occasionally she poops on her blanket) and would love to free roam her furever.

When Robin runs around, she gently boops her human if they’re in the way, but will move on if they don’t move. She has the best flops and occasionally lays all the way on her back. Her favorite toys are cardboard toilet paper rolls, so she’s a pretty cheap date. So far, she hasn’t met a hay she doesn’t like, and she takes her time with her veggies. 

Robin would make a great bun for almost any family, and would likely do well with a bun friend who isn’t a wild teenager. She’s met a chinchilla and seen a dog and doesn’t bat an eye. If you need a cuddly cloud-soft rabbit in you life who just wants to be where you are, apply to adopt Robin today!

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Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc. rabbits are up to date on the following medical treatments before adoption:
Spay or Neuter
Any applicable vaccinations

Our rabbit adoption fee is $50.

*Please note that all breeds noted are estimates or best guesses. We very rarely have information on our animals actual breeds since they often come to the shelters we work with as strays*

WI DATCP Licensed Rescue #281765


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