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In shelter Rabbit

Richmond, CA, 94804
Pet name:
Bunny Rabbit
Cauliflower is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated against RHDV2 (vaccine needs to be administered annually). 

Hi! Im a very active and friendly two-year-old bunny. Doesnt everyone adore Thumper from Bambi? Im like Thumper, because Im into thumping my feet whenever I feel like it (randomly, or to communicate something to you!) For example, if you dont let me out of my pen to play, I might thump to let you know I want to be let out. 

If you like active bunnies, youll love how I get hyper at 3 am and know how to escape and create mischief. The truth is, Im a very busy bunny with lots on my to-do list. And Im also a happy lady, who loves to binky around!

I am fond of chewing my cardboard, going on my daily outing, going for a happy run in the kitchen. I would love to be taught tricks and learn new things. I am curious about other rabbits and could make new friends. I also love affection. If you think youre the human family for me, Id love to meet you! 

Youll also need a tall pen to stop me from jumping out to visit you. Im basically a Houdini escape artist, so youll have to be clever enough to keep up with me! 

Here is what Cauliflowers latest foster had to say about her:

"This rabbit CRAVES companionship. Even if shes still in her pen, shes content if Im in the same room working on my laptop or watching TV. She gets a bit antsy when shes in the room by herself. Id strongly recommend her for a home that has lots of time for her - perhaps someone whos retired or works from home - and of course I think shed be happiest with a bunny friend (so shes not so reliant on us hoomins.) 

Ive not had any escape attempts, but then Ive got her in a 36 inch pen. However, when shes out to play she needs to be watched constantly. Shes very curious and anything forbidden shes drawn to and will try all her tricks to get back into those forbidden nooks and crannies. She loves to jump up onto the furniture to say hi and go "mountain climbing". However, it doesnt stop there. Ive seen her try her paw at scaling the walls like spider-bun and have to make sure she doesnt hop up onto the desk. (There was an attempt that fortunately came to nothing.) So again, someone whos home a lot and can keep a close eye on her (even if she does have a bunny friend) is a good idea.

Shes not just active though but also cuddly. Im usually able to stop her antics by offering pets and cuddles, further evidence that some of her shenanigans are a cry for attention. And she is SO CUDDLY. I swear its like squishing a big marshmallow pillow when I cuddle her. Shell be a great addition to any home - entertaining but also sweet. Could be good for a first time bunny parent if theyre willing to put in the time and also go to bunny proofing bootcamp. "

Submit an adoption application for Cauliflower at House Rabbit Society is located in Richmond, California, just north of San Francisco. Questions? Email and well be happy to talk more with you!

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