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Eva & Shawn   

In shelter Rabbit

Ballwin, MO, 63011
Pet name:
Eva & Shawn
Adoptable Eva and Shawn, per usual, dazzled people at our recent adoption event!  Shawn is chill and lets you hold and cuddle him. Eva loves to explore.

They were the star bunnies on our recent airing about Bunny Yoga on Fox 2 Studio STL (see video). 

These two are quite large and in charge. Eva is OBSESSED with her husbun Shawn, and will often be found grooming him to express her affection. 

They do have red eyes, which is neat and why we call them our mood ring bunnies. When they’re relaxed, their eyes are lilac. But when they’re excited or nervous, they get bright red. How cool is that?! 

These gentle giants are searching for a home to call their own. And their home better have some puzzles for them to do - both bunnies are remarkably smart. 

Adoption application here:

**We have lots of bunnies available for adoption or foster to adopt. If you dont find your perfect match on our PetFinder pages, contact us, and we will use our matchmaking skills to find the best fit! Fosters get to know each bunny very well, so we can recommend bunnies for you based on their temperament and your lifestyle (e.g., single, married with kids, house/apartment, other pets, etc.).

Our goal is to find each bunny a furever home and have happy bun parents!**


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