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In shelter Dog

Pet name:
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Merle (Blue)
Coat length:
ADMIN NOTE: Long distance transport and adoption can be discussed. Foster with intent to adopt can be discussed. Family emergency forces rehoming of this nice pup that is ready to blossom. Good companion dog. Read full bio. Interested please contact Janeen Jackson after first filling out our adopt app on line at we will contact you by phone or you may contact us for more info by phone. 406-323-3519 or by email.

Bonny is a 1 year old spayed Catahoula mix female. She is housebroken absolutely, up to date on vaccs, weighs 60 pounds. Adores car rides, gets nervous at veterinarian visits. She is reactive on nail trims so might have to be sedated moderately or muzzled.. has not happened to date but vets may be hurrying her and owner feels that with patience and slow work on them,  she would respond. Patience food and distraction would help. She is food motivated which is good. She is fed twice daily, on Taste of the Wild fish formula. She is good on leash, pulls some but settles down (Typical Catahoula puppy), she does walk well on leash with another dog as long as she knows the household dog. Meeting other dogs, slow introductions are necessary; no small dogs whatsoever, larger dogs is individual preferences, easy going males is probably easier on her to accept. No young children, MAYBE an older dog respectful child, she is easily over stimulated with children. NO CATS!! Her hunting and prey drive is high. She is a talker to express herself.. chortles and rumbles in expressing. She is not a nuisance barker but does alert when it come to strangers or activity that is not normal to her environment. When outside in a yard she will dig for the love of digging. Has not tried to dig or jump out of a yard. We don’t recommend dogs being left outside unattended for long periods anyway. She like most of our Catahoulas loves to be near her people. She is a cuddle dog and Velcro dog to her people. A very smart dog, willing to please and quick to learn, and she has the potential for such a young pup to become a really awesome companion dog; Owner has no doubt about that. We do have to bear in mind that she is an energetic puppy with not enough exercise in her situation right now. She is crate broke and goes in and out freely, Open wire crate is what she is used to, she is claustrophobic in the plastic crates and will chew her way out. When left alone she needs to be crated.. it is puppy trouble free preventative. She loves toys but she will play tug with owner and her other dog, and stuffed toys come apart. She is young and needs to be supervised with certain toys for her safety but she does. She LOVES to play ball, chuckit orange squishy rubber ones the best. She has never been to a body of water but shows no interest in a kiddy pool. 

HISTORY: She was gotten off of Craigs List when she was about 7 weeks old. She has been with her owner till now. Reason for rehoming is owner has to focus on her 90 year old father, who has dementia. She isn’t getting enough exercise and simulation and attention so she does need to be re-homed as soon as possible. The owner would keep her if it were not for this issue. 
GOOD: She is really a devoted and sweet dog as we stated earlier in this bio. She is a worthy dog to take into your home and heart. 

BAD: High prey drive and not going every dog and no small dogs and cats. She is protective and detects character in people. Very selective with humans and dogs accepts. This is not really bad but it is who she is. She puppy jumps up in excitement. That is being worked on and will change if done properly. 
UGLY: High prey drive and her dislike for children is her only ugly. No bite incidences.


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