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In shelter Dog

Sherwood, OR, 97140
Pet name:
Cattle Dog
Coat length:
"ROSIE" is currently in Guadalajara, Mexico in foster care with our organization, "The MexiMutt Project".

We are listing this dog for adoption in Oregon now, so we can find him/her the perfect family BEFORE they arrive to Oregon..... We have not yet booked this dogs flight to Oregon but once we have an adopter lined up for this dog, then we will get him/her on the next flight to PDX for adoption. Please note: It can take 2-4 weeks to arrange for the dog to fly to Oregon.  


Our adoption program is exclusive and personal. Here is how it works…

1. Angela Adams – the founder and director of “The MexiMutt Project/Born Again Pit Bull Rescue” will call you and approve your adoption application for the dog, and she will chat more in depth with you about our adoption process. 

2. We will purchase the flight to Oregon (this is already included in the adoption fee). Angela will communicate every detail with you!

3. Angela will text you daily updates (photos/videos of your new MexiMutt dog while awaiting the flight to Portland).

4. Once the dog arrives in Portland, you will either pick up the dog at PDX (the airport) or come meet your new dog at Angela’s home in Sherwood, Oregon. You will sign adoption paperwork, pay the adoption fee, receive all vet records, and take your new dog home!

***Please keep in mind***

1. We are not able to hold dogs. Please be available to meet the dog once he/she arrives in Portland.

2. We simply do not have enough time to respond to all the Petfinder email messages/inquires and phone calls we get about our dogs. We work full time jobs and we run this organization in our “free time”. Please, if you are interested in one of our dogs, FILL OUT AN ONLINE APPLICATION. (Read through this entire page and you will find the application link at the bottom).

NAME: Rosie

AGE:  3 years old (This is our vet’s guess based on their teeth).

WEIGHT: 27 lbs, as of 9/8/22. Rosie is a little underweight right now and we will put some weight on her while in foster care with us.

BREED: Cattle Dog Mix (This is our best guess, again we don’t know for sure, since they were a street dog.)

DOGS: Yes, Rosie is good with dogs her size or smaller. She is scared of big dogs.

CATS: Yes, Rosie has passed her initial cat test in her foster home and leaves them alone.

KIDS: Yes, Rosie currently lives with kids ages 7 and 9. But please remember, kids need to know to be respectful of dog’s space, bodies, and toys/food.

HOUSEBROKEN: No, not 100% yet. We are working on it. Please keep in mind that our dogs are rescued off the streets, they are NOT always 100% housebroken and will need time and patience to adjust. Even in a foster home in Mexico, the dogs are often living in an environment with no carpet or grass. In the house, it is usually tile flooring and outside it is dirt/concrete.

LEASH TRAINED: Yes,  but most dogs in Mexico have never walked on a leash before, he/she will need to be desensitized to it and work on leash training. 

CRATE TRAINED: Yes, she does well in the crate. 

ABOUT: We found Rosie while we were out delivering dog food in a local nearby village.\xa0 A local independent “rescuer” asked us to come take a look at one of the dogs on her property, who had her paw ripped open by two other large dogs a week prior to our arrival.\xa0 Rosies bones were sticking out of her foot and it was severely infected.\xa0\xa0

We immediately took her to the vet to get medication to relieve some pain while we waited for the vet to take a look.\xa0 The only option was amputation of the leg.\xa0
Rosies hind leg was amputated, and she is healing and adapting very well to walking with only 3 legs.\xa0

Rosie deserves the best life after what she has been through.\xa0\xa0Rosie has been discharged from her hospital stay, and is currently in foster care in Mexico with a caring volunteer and will be ready to be adopted and flown to the US, once we find Rosie a forever home! 

Rosie is about 3 years old, 27 lbs, she is a sensitive soul, she is good with small dogs or dogs her size (large dogs scare her because of the attack).  She has passed her initial cat test and ignores the cats in the foster home.  She loves to play with the dogs in her foster home. She lives with kids ages 7 and 9. She is good with everyone. She walks good on leash and is good in the crate. She is food motivated and loves to eat. She is a really easy and chill dog.

Adoption fee is $550 --- What does that cover?

All vaccines (DHLPPi=Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Rabies and Bordetella-for kennel cough)

Sterilization (spay/neuter surgery)

Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Blood Parasite Test

Parvo/Giardia/Canine Coronavirus Test

Distemper/Adenovirus Type-I/Influenza Test (if needed)

CBC (Complete Blood Count) bloodwork results (printed and put in your adoption folder) 

Dental/Teeth Cleaning (if needed)

Current on flea/tick/heartworm treatment with SimparicaTRIO (a pill that is good for 30 days)

Deworming x2 (upon intake, 15 days later and again before flight to Oregon for reinforcement)

Microchip with free registration

Grooming or a bath before transport to Oregon

Flight Health Certificate

USDA Import Permit

Airplane ticket for the freedom flight from Guadalajara, Mexico to Portland, Oregon

Collar, Leash and MexiMutt ID tag

Small bag of kibble (if available)

Adoption fees are payable via: Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, or cash.

Fill out an online adoption application here:


Each dog we fly from Mexico to Oregon for adoption costs us a minimum of $550 USD (if they have no other medical issues), so any extra of the adoption fee goes BACK into our programs to help fund the spay/neuter surgeries for the street dogs and owned dogs in the poor rural villages in Mexico. We average about 75 sterilization surgeries a month for the dogs and pay $35 USD each spay/neuter. (It’s estimated that 70% of Mexico’s 18 million dogs live on the street, either born as strays or abandoned by their owners, the largest number of street dogs in Latin America.)

Please know that we are a 100% volunteer ran organization, with no paid employees and we work full time jobs and have our own families to care for as well. Due to the large number of applications, we receive - we are not able to reply to everyone individually. If we think you are the right match for our dog, we will reach out to you and set up a meet and greet. Please understand that we really love our dogs and are very invested in their success in life. We try very hard to place our dogs into homes that will make both the dog and their people happy. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Most of our adoptable dogs are homeless/abandoned street dogs or owner surrenders in Mexico. Please, follow us on Instagram: @MexiMuttProject and Facebook: “The MexiMutt Project” to see what we are doing in our community to help the dogs.

Unfortunately, we have no facility/shelter, so we are limited on the number of dogs we can rescue off the streets, because we just don’t have enough foster homes in Mexico to help. We are only able to fly up 5 dogs/once a month (or every other month) for “The MexiMutt Project” but in the meantime, our selfless volunteers are on the streets in the communities we serve in Mexico----feeding and flea/tick treating the street dogs, as well as helping trap and sterilize the feral dogs and offering free spay/neuter services to locally owned dogs as well.

Please read more about WHY Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) started an organization in Mexico:

Whether you adopted, fostered, volunteered, donated, or helped us raise awareness for dogs in need, we thank you for your efforts! Your support has made all the difference for The MexiMutt Project in 2021.

These are your donations at work in Guadalajara/Chapala (Lakeside area)….

The MexiMutt Project “Free Sterilization Services” for the street dogs and owned dogs in Mexico = 1023 dogs + 46 cats sterilized ($31,574 USD spent).

We held 6 free sterilization clinics in the state of Jalisco, Mexico in 2021:

• November 27 - Micro-clinic for 11 street dogs – Chapala
• October 31 - 46 dogs and 11 cats – El Salto
• September 26 - 50 dogs and 11 cats – Ixtlahuacan
• August 29 - 46 dogs and 12 cats – El Salto
• August 1 - 52 dogs and 8 cats – El Salto
• June 26 - 50 dogs – El Salto

The MexiMutt Project “Full Bellies Fund” = 10,000+ lbs of food purchased to feed street & owned dogs ($3,860 USD spent)

The MexiMutt Project “Flea Free Fund” = on average we treat 25-30 dogs a month with a Simparica or NexGard pill – it’s about $8 USD per pill. ($2,327 USD spent). This helps the dogs that have mange and kills the fleas and ticks.

The MexiMutt Project Adoptions (locally in Mexico and stateside thru BAPBR and our other rescue partners here in the Northwest) = 65 dogs placed into loving forever homes!

We couldnt do these things without your support. THANK YOU for believing in us and supporting us. By contributing a donation to The MexiMutt Project, youll be part of making a difference to the dogs in need in 2022.


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