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In shelter Dog

Stillwater, OK, 74074
Pet name:
Cattle Dog
Coat length:
Rubys mama is looking for the perfect home for Ruby.  She was adopted about two months ago, and although she has a really good home with her current owner, she feels Ruby could have a better one. The current pet mama is single with another dog who is old and an old cat.  Ruby loves kids and loves to play with other dogs.  She is a ball of energy.  Ruby gets to play fetch with a ball  every morning and evening and is walked to the park where she can run.

So what would be the perfect home?  One with a large, fenced yard, a dog her size or bigger she can play with, and kid(s) around 8 years old or older.  She is a love bug in addition to being playful.

You may be wondering how she behaves.  She is house broken, although she doesn’t know how to tell me when she needs to go out because we just go out regularly or as soon as the pet mama gets home.  She is kennel trained, so you can keep her in a kennel at night or while gone if you need too.  However, Ruby is left out in the house or outside when left at home.  She has not chewed up anything (lots of chew toys and bones are left around) and has made no attempt to escape the yard.  

If you are wondering about Ruby’s breeding, a DNA test was done, and she is quite the mix, 15 breeds in all: 
45% Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)
9% Pug
9% Pomeranian
8% Chihuahua
5% Australian Shepherd
5% Beagle
Plus nine other breads less than 5%

What about her medical?  She is around a year old, and about 25lbs.  She is 100% healthy, spayed and is current on all her vaccines.  She will be due in Feb 2023 for her Rabies.  She is on the Proheart 12 month injection for heartworm protection, and won’t be due until July 2023. Ruby is on Bravecto for flea and tick prevention, which is a three-month tablet, so she won’t need that again until the end of October 2023. She also is microchipped. 

Ruby is well loved, and will only be let go to the right home. She is high energy but behaves well if exercised and played with every day.


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