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Crystal Gayle   

In shelter Dog

Chandler, AZ, 85249
Pet name:
Crystal Gayle
Approximate Date of Birth:4/29/2021


I was named Crystal Gayle because I LOVE to sing. I usually do it to get your attention, but I like to sing even when I have your attention, to show my love for you! I am not loud, it is a quiet, subtle little howl that sometimes sounds like a squeak, but I am working on it! Maybe you can teach me to sing better? I love to go for walks and car rides. I will follow you around the house, just in case you need some entertainment along the way. Can you be my partner!

Words to Describe Me: Sweet - Mellow - Very Affectionate - Silly - Energetic -

Favorite Place to Sleep: I like to be in your lap, as much as possible. But I would settle for being next to you as well, as long as I am touching you.

Favorite Toy: I am still figuring out if I like them or not.

Perfect Day: My perfect day would consist of lots of snuggling and letting me sing for your attention.

Doggys Likes: I like just about everything, as long as I am with you.

Doggys Dislikes: I dont like being ignored. I will sing to get your attention.

Fastest Way to Get Me to Wag My Tail: Just look my way, I can read your mind...

Favorite Treat: I like all of them. I know the sound of those treat bags and my big ears will hear it, no matter how quiet you try to be!

Job Title in Foster: The Entertainer - Crystal Gayle LOVES to sing to anyone that will listen.

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be: A professional singer, like my name sake.

Good with Cats:
Likes cats given a proper introduction.

Good with Dogs:
Loves dogs.

Good with Children:
Can live in a house with children over the age of 8.

Companion Animal:Not necessary.

Health information: All dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive vaccinations appropriate for age, preventative deworming, and microchipping prior to adoption as appropriate by age.

Adoption Process:

Our adoptable animals are located in foster homes. We require interested parties to apply prior to meeting to ensure a good match. Applications can be submitted on our website at


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