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In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77235
Pet name:
- Needs a non-reactive small dog to play with
- Needs a patient family to continue with her training and keep up with her puppy energy

Estimated DOB: 6/12/2021
Weight: 12#

Macey is fully vaccinated, dewormed, defleaed, spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative and on monthly prevention, etc. I think that she is a long haired chihuahua. But she could be a pomeranian mix. You can always do a DNA test if you wanted to know.

Macey was abandoned four months ago in a crate with a bag of food in an apt complex parking lot when her owner moved out. One of the apt complex tenants took her in and reached out for help.

She was pretty scared and snappy, and it took her a few days to warm up to me. Since then, her personality has flourished, and she is such a little love. Shes super spunky and playful and loves to rough house with the others and zoom around and chase and be chased. Shes very athletic and needs another small dog to play with. She can be a little annoying and pester the dog until they play with her. Shes good on walks. But does get scared when large dogs/strangers approach and she wants to go in the opposite direction. So her new family will need to continue her training and confidence on leash. She would be best in a single family home with a secure 6 fence as she can jump anything shorter esp if she gets spooked by fireworks or other loud noises.  After she gets her energy out, shes ready to snuggle and she likes to give kissies when shes happy. She is crate trained. But she will protest and stomp her feet and bark until she settles down. Shes house trained. But there is always an adjustment period in a new home so its easier to mark them as not house trained so that her adopter accounts for acclimation to a new environment. No small children as she can get scared if grabbed or handled roughly and might snap. But she would be great with older respectful children. 

She has progressed so much and is ready for an amazing family to continue working with her in her new home.

If you are interested in adopting, please cut and paste the link below to fill out an adoption application:

After the application is processed and approved, a home visit and meet and greet with the dogs will be scheduled. If there are any fencing issues, make sure that repairs are done prior to the home visit. Typically, the adoption is finalized the day after the home visit and meet and greet. Out of area adopters would need to drive/fly in to meet the dogs and adopt.


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