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Edgewood, MD, 21040
Pet name:
Carmen is a spunky little girl, estimated to be about 2 years old. She is very active in her enclosure but quite shy when it comes to humans. It is not uncommon for her to stand on her back legs and shoot pee at intruders. This is a common “feisty” chinchilla behavior, called spraying, which is both hilarious and a little gross. When working to tidy her cage, we find it best for all involved to shoo Carmen to another area of the enclosure. She is a private lady and likes her business to stay her business so she doesn’t much mind this.

Carmen came to us because her previous owner had a schedule change at work that would have him traveling for weeks at a time. He felt it was in her best interest to find a family who’d better fit her needs.

Like most prey animals, chinchillas are very active and, while they may tolerate being handled when necessary for short periods of time, they do not care to be picked up, carried, or held for extended amounts of time.  If you are looking for an active, delightful small animal with a longer life span (12-15 years average in captivity, up to 20 years) to enjoy and with whom to interact on his/her terms, a chinchilla may be a great choice for you!

If you would be interested in adopting a chinchilla from Lunas House, please take a moment to fill out an online adoption application at the link below:

Once we have received and approved your completed application, we can schedule a time for you to visit our facility to meet with chins available for adoption.  You will be coming to our Animal Care and Education Center, located at 2801 Pulaski Highway in Edgewood, MD.

Our adoption fee for a single chin is $75.  This is a donation meant to help us cover part of the cost of caring for the animal you are adopting while (s)he is with us, including veterinary exam, food, bedding, etc.


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