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Kiowa, OK, 74553
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Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
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BeBes Story
-By BeBe, a 2-year-old, 34lb female Collie mix.

I had no idea what to expect when my family brought me home as a puppy. I had no expectations. All I cared about was that I finally had a family. At first, my family was smitten with me. I was really a too cute for words puppy. As I grew up, I lost my puppy fluff. I got too big to carry around. I started to develop a personality. I needed more supervision. I needed someone to show me right from wrong. That wasnt what my owners wanted though. So, they put me outside, and there I stayed. I became an outside dog. I often stayed close to the house. I did not want to be all alone. I would get so excited when my owners would come outside. Heck, I think I ever tried to hug them..but I dont think they liked that. They would get upset and tell me to get down then keep on their way. I never understood what I was doing wrong. I never understood why they never really played with me anymore. It is a weird feeling. To see your family right front in you, but feel like you are not a part of it. 

I didnt have much outside contact. You probably think that is funny. I was outside but didnt have much outside contact...what? What I mean by that, is that I was never really exposed to anything other than my owners home. I didnt get to meet new people. I did not get to meet other animals. I did not go on car rides. I did not go on walks. I did not know how it felt to be inside the house. The only things I knew were my owners property and my routine there. Things never really changed. That was my home though so that was okay with me. I knew what to expect and figured that is how things should be. 

The thing matter how much you try to keep to a routine..try to keep a set schedule...or expect that your life will never change...fate has a way of sneaking up on you. One day, all was the same...and the next I was on my own and completely lost. My family was gone. The home that I had since a pup was gone. I am still trying to piece together exactly what happened but I cannot remember. Everything happened so fast that it is just a blur in my memory. I guess the how part doesnt really matter though. It wont change anything. It wont change that I was just about as naive as they come and was suddenly left to fend for myself. I knew nothing of trying to catch my own food. I have no idea why some dogs enjoy fast food. Because of this, I lost quite a bit of weight while I was on my own. My coat was never the cleanest, but I could feel the dirt really starting to settle in and clump up. I could actually feel the tangled fur starting to pull on my skin. I was not cut out for the stray dog life. I was slowly withering away, and honestly, I had no idea what to do. My only saving grace was that because I had no street smarts I was picked up by the popo. At first, I thought things would be okay. Sure, I wasnt a fan of being behind bars and thought that was a bit unnecessary. But I was getting fed again and had fresh water, and a cozy blanket. I even decided that everything was going to be okay. My family was going to come for me. Everything was just a misunderstanding and I would be going home soon. 

My hope was short-lived though. My family never came for me. I served my stray hold and was put up for adoption. I still was not worried though. I mean, I thought I was pretty pup and figured someone would take me home. Fast forward two months...yes you read that right...two months and nothing. I was still sitting in the shelter. Except, now the shelter was really full and I was a long termer. Decisions would soon have to be made, and that is when I started to worry.  Could it truly be that my life would end this way? Abandoned and homeless? What kind of ending was that? I may have not had much of a voice, but one of the shelter volunteers spoke up for me. She tried sharing my photos everywhere in hopes that someone...anyone would give me a chance. And it worked! This rescue saw me, a foster family stepped up for me, and before I knew it I was being bailed out of doggie jail. 

I would like to say that I got to my foster home and flourished right away. It did not quite go down that way though. You see, I was abandoned. I did not have much socialization. This causes some trust issues. I was originally a bit uncomfortable in the house. I did not know what I should be doing with myself. I was nervous around my foster parents and the other dogs. Everything was so new, and I was so out of my element. When happiness is withing paws reach, you can only resist for so long though.  

I started to bond to my foster dad. He was so gentle and I decided that I really like him. As of right now, he is the only one that I will jump on. I consider him to be my safe person, and whenever I am nervous I will jump up on him. I want to make sure that he knows I am there, and it makes me feel better knowing that he is watching out for me. I have also started to become closer to my foster mom and the kiddos in my foster home. However, my foster dad is still my favorite ;) When people come over, I tend to hang back and monitor. As you already know, I did not meet very many people in my past life. So, I am a bit unsure of what to do with myself. Knowing this, I probably would be best with a family that does not have many people always coming over. Just consider me a very introverted pup! 

Now with that said, I do well when meeting other animals. Dont get me wrong, I am definitely shy and/or nervous when I meet new dogs. However, I warm up pretty quickly with them. After a bit, I will even play with them. I am not a huge player, but I enjoy a good wrestling session every now and then! I have met the cat in my foster home, and do just fine. She ignores me, and I ignore her. I am being fostered around kids in my foster home, but they make me nervous. I prefer to keep my distance from them. I truly dont know what to think of them and that makes me nervous. As time has gone by, I have become closer to my fosters daughter. She is super nice and very hard to resist! I would definitely say that any kids in my new home should still be 12+ though since it does take me quite some time to warm up to them. 

I have warmed up to house life. I am good about going potty outside and am pretty much potty trained with the doggie door. However, I am still too nervous to ask to go out. So, if the doggie door is closed and I need to go...I tend to sneak off to do my business. So, a set potty schedule or a doggie door are definitely musts for me! I am kennel trained and consider it my space spot. I have not tried chewing on anything that I shouldnt. I am not a big barker, and hearing a bark from me is actually a bit rare. 

I have not been on any public outings other than the vet. As I mentioned earlier, I am more of an introvert. I prefer to stay close to the people I know, and am a bit awkward and shy when meeting new people. I dont think that I would be the kind of dog that would enjoy always going places. No, I would definitely consider myself more of a homebody. I do enjoy walks but can still be a bit nervous on the leash. Once we really start moving, I do pretty well. I do think that I could be someone that enjoys going on hikes with my new family, but we would definitely need to work on building my confidence on some things first. I ride well in the car and dont seem to really have any reservations against road trips. I am slowly figuring out what toys are. I am curious about them but havent quite fully played with them yet. Since I am not too sure what toys are yet, it also means that I have no idea what the game fetch is. I have played in the kiddie pool a few times, so dont seem to mind water. 

A lot has happened to me in a very short time, but I am adjusting. I am learning to open up and trust more, but I do still need someone who will continue to help build my confidence and introduce me to new things. I need a family that is okay with having more of an awkward introverted dog until she feels comfortable. Then, I become a lovable cuddle bug that is all smiles and tail wags! 

I have already been an until dog, and it sent me on quite the journey. I would rather not have to go through such big changes again. I would like for my new family to be forever. 

If you are interested in offering me forever then please apply to adopt me at

Once you have submitted your application, it will be sent to my foster family for consideration.

I am being fostered in Skiatook, OK. I do ask that my new family pick me up, none of that outside transport stuff. If I am going to move in with you, I expect to start our journey in the car together driving home TOGETHER.

My adoption fee is $250.00.

That will include my DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. I will be micro-chipped, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention.


-Below is an excerpt from BeBes foster family.

"BeBe is a really sweet and loving girl. You can tell she wants to be near people but she is either unsure or has had some bad experiences so she is a little slow and hesitant. She has really warmed up to my husband, though, and will follow him around and jump onto his lap when he is sitting on the couch. She is always happy to see him and will run to greet him when he gets home. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience being an inside dog so another friendly dog in the house that can show her the ropes would be helpful. I can already see signs of her blossoming and I believe that whoever adopts her will really start to see an amazing dog emerge once she has gotten settled in and is comfortable in her environment"


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