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In shelter Dog

Puyallup, WA, 98372
Pet name:
Rupa is a beautiful, almost 5 year old pup who originally was rescued from India.  She was literally grabbed as she was almost hit by a truck on the streets of India. Street dogs in India have a lifespan of less than 2 years.  Rupa was found with bite marks on her legs from a larger dog.  She is truly a survivor! Rupa was adopted by a caring mom named Jen, where she learned all about family life and was very loved. But sadly her "Doggy Mama" passed away and Rupa is searching for her forever home. 

Rupa was adopted after her mom passed away, but due to some issues with Rupa not being able to trust men in her adoptive moms life, she is being rehomed. Her adoptive cares about Rupa very much and is able to foster temporarily until she can find a good home. Rupas adoptive mom has shared with us lots of information about how Rupa has been in the year shes lived with her that will hopefully aide in her finding a perfect home. 

Rupa is a great runner and loves playing chase in the yard. She is fast, playful, and very excited to go outside! She doesnt seem to like the rain, but with her raincoat on she will follow behind for a walk. She is alert to her surroundings and guarding behaviors have been noted. When outside "relaxing" she monitors the fence-line for squirrels to chase. She seems to get along with other dogs of the opposite gender but is specific on who she likes to make friends with, so you may consider having several meet and greets if you have a dog, to ensure they are a good match. 

Rupa is known for loving squeaky toys and is very smart. She seems to like when you talk to her and give her pets under the chin, around her neck and her back. She gets nervous with over the head reaches. If you lay your hand own, shell nuzzle up to you to cuddle. She doesnt lick hands or faces, but she sweetly sniffs. 

A perfect home for Rupa would be a single woman with no animals, and a yard, or a man who is willing to work with Rupa often to earn her trust over time. She is known for growling at men and being fearful, so she will just need lots of patience and positive reinforcement in this area. Rupa could live with a compatible dog, but slow introductions to ensure compatibility would be important. We have some more information on diet and her adoptive mom is willing to share lots of great information if you are interested in adopting her. She is a special pup who cant wait to meet her new forever family! Rupas DOB is 5/10/17 and weighs 51.6 lbs.

 Dog adoption fee is $259. This includes the spay or neuter surgery, age appropriate current vaccines (bordetella, distemper, rabies), microchip, and preventative flea treatment.

Thank you for your interest in this sweet pup! Our adoption process and application can be found at -

For other questions on our dogs/cats or shelter please send an email to for information on a meet and greet as well as application procedures. Thank you for your interest in one of our rescue pets. During this unprecedented time we venture into the unknown together and we thank you for your understanding and patience during this process. Together we are working toward the same goal of providing forever homes for all our furry friends


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