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Emmy Lulu   

In shelter Dog

Saint Helens, OR, 97051
Pet name:
Emmy Lulu
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
(Currently we only adopt within 2 hour radius of Portland OR) 
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Emmy Lulu is such a sweetheart and sooooo cute. 

* Corgi/Terrier mix
* Formal training 
* Comes with follow up training sessions
* Good with dogs
* House-trained
* Kennel Trained
* Fun walking/hiking partner
* Avid tail wagger
* 3 years old and weighs 22 lbs. 

Lulu is unique mix of beautiful breeds, Corgi and a mix of Terriers. 
She is a small/medium size dog weighing 22 lbs and she is full of Corgi energy and attitude. 
Lulu loves to play with other dogs, is energetic, VERY loving and sometimes little stubborn and throws a little doggie fit, but with patience, consistency and positive reinforcement, her heart melts and she is all love and kisses.
She is a dog who is active outside on her walks, but also knows how to relax indoors and cuddle with her favorite humans. 
Lulu is very affectionate, She loves all people and especially dogs. No kitties for Lulu please, because she likes to chase them and kitties don’t think it’s fun. 
Lulu would be the absolute perfect for someone with Corgi experience who won’t let her push them around. She actually would do great in one or two person household, with another playful dog at home. She wants to bond and cuddle with her human, but also needs her doggie play time. 
She is house-trained (but as any new dog, she will need guidance in new environment). She is also kennel trained.
Lulu is very smart and will learn whatever you want to teach her quickly. She does need a strong leader, as that makes her feel secure and relaxed. She thrives with positive reinforcement, structure and consistency.
Lulu went through 5 weeks of board and train program and she comes with follow up sessions with our trainer. 
If you are looking for a cuddle buddy, but also an active adventure pal, Lulu is your girl. She can’t wait to find the perfect family that wants to give her attention all the time. 
Lulu does definitely need another dog at home to play with and romp around with. 
Her ideal home will be active and have a fenced yard.
Lulu is spayed, UTD on shots and microchipped.

Her foster says:
“She is a keeper. A great family dog, inquisitive & curious, incredibly loving. We would keep her if we didn’t already have a full house. Lulu loves to play and chase with the other dogs, so she needs one at home. She needs a loving but also firm guardian that won’t let her get away with anything or she’ll push all the boundaries. She needs a steady hand and discipline. Once she knows she isn’t in charge she does great.  
Lulu is such a good girl. She is very loving, full of energy, curious and has great personality. She listens to “leave it” and “drop it”. She and Cece (my dog) get along great and share all the snuggles now. When she drinks she likes to stick her whole head in the water and slosh it around. I put the dog pool out this weekend and I thought for sure she’d get in but she didn’t. I still think she’d be great at flyball competitions. She goes to the door when she wants to go outside, she is housetrained. If she wants me to throw a toy she brings it and drops it and talks to me….sooo cute ♥ we adore her. ”

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*** we do not DNA test, we do not guarantee breed purity or accuracy ***
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