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In shelter Dog

Bakersfield, CA, 93306
Pet name:
Gray / Blue / Silver
Lucy&Rowdy 2 are better than 1!Twice the fun, twice the cuddles, twice the love. They share beds, crates, and even their bowls if we let them. You wont need double of everything. They entertain and comfort each other.Lucy and Rowdy arent completely joined at the hip but their love for each other is undeniable.

Lucy is 4yrs. old (possibly older), doberman. She is a complete LAP DOG. Lucy loves affection, attention, and adoration. She gets along great with other dogs, knows a few commands, loves to be brushed. Shed be up for a walk or to snuggle with you. She is pretty low key.

Rowdy is maybe 1yrs. old, she still has some puppy behaviors. We think shes a chiweenie mix with shepherd colors.One word to describe Rowdy- FUN! Shes a lively little spark plug who loves to play, run around, and make you smile. She gets along great with dogs, is learning basic obedience, knows how to use the doggy door. Rowdy can be a little timid when you first meet her and is working on being on a leash and in cars. Shes a sweet girl. Rowdy does know down time. She too, will cuddle next to you with Lucy.

Both of the girls were found together in an area known for dog dumping. Lucy came to use immediately but we had to work extremely hard to gain Rowdys trust to catch her. It was only possible because of her love for Lucy and not wanting to be separated.We know its a large ask to place them together but were hopeful for some social media magic to get them into a loving home together.

Both girls have appointments next month to get spayed and microchipped.They are up to date on vaccines.
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