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Penni Lynn (DE)   

In shelter Dog

Dover, DE, 19901
Pet name:
Penni Lynn (DE)
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Special needs dog?\tNo
Sanctuary dog?\tNo
Weight:\t9 lbs\t
Age:\t7 Years\t
β€’ Must be adopted within 100 miles of central Delaware
β€’ No cats
β€’ No children
β€’ No large dogs
β€’ No small children
Meet Sweet Beth..............she is new to DRNA and we will have more info on her soon. What we know now is that she was found in an alley in the city and seems to have been on her own awhile........long curled nails, skin issues, and underweight. So while we get her healthy and ready for a new home, we can start looking for the right home for her. If you are interested in knowing more about Beth please check back here as we will be posting updates. And if you want to be considered as Sweet Beths furever home, go ahead and complete a DRNA application for her.
UPDATE 9/9/19-- Beth is still living up to her name, sweet as she can be. Loves people and attention........and FOOD. She knows how to sit for a treat and is slowly putting on some weight. She does have a definite old back injury as she wobbles when she walks and bunny hops when she runs. She has both bladder and bowel control but cannot do stairs and cannot be permitted on furniture unless she is being held as she is definitely prone to more back problems if she isnt managed carefully. She is a good watchdog and needs more interactions with her foster dog family to see how she does with them. Right now it looks like she would like to be alpha, and she needs to be cat tested as she is very interested in the cats she sees in her foster home. She is scheduled for her spay surgery at the end of the month and we are working on clearing up her skin issues which are either allergies or from her past poor nutrition. She is gradually getting some fur back on her feet.
9/10---Beth has the widened toes and flat feet of a puppy mill dog who has lived life on a wire cage floor. We are now thinking that she was with a backyard breeder of some kind and was dropped off in the alley because they did not want her anymore. The shelter she was taken to when she was found had no room and put out an email to try to find rescue for her so they would not have to euthanize her. Thankfully the email got to DRNA and immediate arrangements were made to get Beth into a DRNA foster home. This poor sweet girl endured a lot and we are really thankful that now she has a happy future ahead.
9/30 update--- Beth has had her spay and is recovering well. She will not be placed in a home with cats or other small critters as she has a high prey drive. She is an alpha female but is working things out with her foster siblings, all small dogs. Her skin issues are improving but her back issue seems to be permanent. She will need to have her back protected for life, and no steps or up on furniture as the risk of her jumping down and hurting her back more seriously is too high. She continues to be a delightful girl who loves her family, and a good watch dog with strangers.
Because of Beths strong alpha temperament, only dachshund-experienced adopters will be considered for her.  Want to know more about Penni Lynn? Email foster family at  Go to to fill out an adoption application.
Dachshund Rescue of North America Inc.


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