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In shelter Dog

Lake Odessa, MI, 48849
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
Intelligent, affectionate, adorable, and eager to please!

I can be a little sensitive to touch from people I dont know very well. I like to take things slow and really get to know you before we get touchy-feely. When we are better friends, I love to snuggle up for some belly rubs and cuddles!

I am looking for someone that has experience with food and resource guarding. Some of the MAS staff and volunteers have been helping me practice self control with positive reinforcement training. I am very motivated by food, so training is like a fun game for me! I need consistent structure to help me control myself. I have been making leaps and bounds of progress with my training and protocols and  I am eager to please, I know several commands and release cues such as "come", "down", "bed", "sit", "look", "lets go", "yes", and "ok".

Glitter is such a joy to get to know. She has such a sweet and silly personality, its nearly impossible to not love her, she is like a little molasses cookie! Growing a bond with any dog, is special; but especially a dog you know has been through a lot. There is such a rewarding feeling, knowing for this dog, you made a difference. Glitter deserves a safe loving home to get a second chance to experience what a family is.

Please note that Glitter has a special meet-and-greet protocol that requires several visits, so she and her potential adopters can get to know each other before Glitter goes home. If you would like to apply to adopt Glitter, please submit an adoption application at

DOB: 12/14/2014

Meet-Your-Match Canine-ality color is: Orange Busy Bee!
For safetys sake, we are looking for homes with physical fenced in areas.
Please fill out our online adoption survey at