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In shelter Dog

Matthews, NC, 28104
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
BABY update:   Thanks for all the prayers and donations for Baby.  It was way more extensive than thought so unfortunately we only raised a third of her bill so far.  She lost 22 teeth!   Her jaw broke in the middle so had to be wired plated and bone grafted then two X-rays done and he was able to stitch up one side of her mouth wthe smaller hole and pulled down some flesh from the inside on the other side to give her a slightly closed front.  And still ironically he also said no abscesses caused the ruptures.   So most likely either a latent reaction to the vaccines, or from her spay when they tie the muzzle for intubation or flesh eating bacteria.  Either way it’s a mystery we’ll never know but she is doing amazing!!!  I can’t thank Dr LaStella and staff enough for what he’ll do for us.  First pics are bringing her home.  Last pics are her yesterday feeling good enough to snuggle with Munchkin 2.0.  They both love that cat cove to sleep in.  She’s eating like a champ and taking all her meds.   If you still care to donate please use PayPal at click friends and family.  Baby is now available for foster to continue her care.  Must be local charlotte, have a secured fenced yard and no small children.  Small pets are ok.  She loves little dogs and doesn’t bother cats.   She’s housebroken and quiet.  Just needs a safe space to heal.  Meds are given twice daily in her wet food made into a soup consistency so she can lap it up without opening her jaw much.  

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!   And Baby doesn’t like her picture taken just yet but I’ll keep trying.  Baby was surrendered because her owner died and she is very scared.  Baby is a teeny tiny 6lb red mini dachshund girl who is 8 yrs old.  Baby is peepad trained and I’m not sure if she was ever really outside as she doesn’t know what to do yet when she goes out and she definitely never been walked on a leash.  She is great with other dogs though.  She’s very cautious and will need a gentle person to help her come out of her shell.  A very secure fenced yard is a MUST have for her.  She likes men even more than women as I believe her owner was a guy.  She’s very quiet and loves snuggling in her dog bed.  Please apply for Baby at and read the important information page.


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