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In shelter Dog

Palo Alto, CA, 94306
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This dog will be at a meet and greet event on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th unless he/she is adopted prior to the event with a set up home. The event is from 12 pm to 3 pm on Saturday and 11 pm to 3 pm on Sunday at Palo Altos Pet Food Express. Those interested in meeting the dog can come out to our meet and greet event. We no longer do application approval onsite. Anyone adopting has been previously approved and set up to meet prior to the event.
Adoption fee: $650
Poppet is an 8 month old Chiweenie who weighs 9 lbs. She was a rescue from the shelter and a staff favorite! She started out super timid but once they got her out of her kennel and introduced her to the office dog, she became a super bouncy and happy puppy. Poppet has been in a foster home with another small dog, and now its time for her to find her forever home. Here is her fosters report!
Poppet is a teeny tiny bundle of love! A quick whistle or mention of her name and shell bound over to you and put her little paws up on you to get snuggles and pets. We havent even had to use treats to get Poppet to come when we call her; she comes simply because she loves to be with humans. She also does this adorable little thing when you give her some attention where she gets really close to the ground and kind of wiggles over to you. Then, of course, she rolls on to her back for her beloved belly rubs.
When Poppet first came home with us, she became extremely attached to my side. She followed me everywhere and was as close to me as possible at all times. Over the past week she has become more independent and will stay curled on the couch when I go outside or upstairs to do another activity. When I first brought her home she was also afraid of my partner, Sean, but has quickly grown to love him as well. Poppet has been introduced to a number of family members and warms up to all of them quickly, however she still prefers to be with her foster mom when given the choice.
Poppet gets up around 7:30 and goes out into the backyard to go to the bathroom and run around a bit. Then we give her breakfast in her crate with the door open. After some playtime inside with our dog and her toys, she likes to find someone to snuggle with. She usually sleeps for an hour to two hours, then its time for another bathroom break outside. She knows how to use the doggie door, but doesnt quite know that she needs to go outside to potty. The rest of the day is filled with lots of play and bathroom breaks and lots and lots of snuggles and naps. On most days she gets a nice 2 mile walk before dinner time. Dinner is around 5:30 to 6:00; again in her crate with the door open. After a post dinner rest, she has some more backyard play and then to bed around 9:30 to 10:00 in her crate.
We have a 18 pound spaniel/dachshund mix who is slowly starting to accept a puppy in the house. Poppet is very respectful of our dogs boundaries and does not push him when he makes it clear he is not interested in snuggling or playing. They do play together a bit outside and it is clear that Poppet would love a dog in the house with her. If it were up to her they would snuggle and play together all day long.
Poppet is very playful and energetic during clear playtime, however when things are calm in the house she is good about calming down as well and will often curl up next to you to take a nap. We have found Poppet to be a perfect mix of playful and calm.
Potty training is a work in progress- shes a puppy! Poppet has learned how to use a dog door, but still doesnt quite understand that bathroom time should only happen outside. I think this will develop over the next week or so. Poppet isnt a big fan of her crate and cries when we put her in it. That being said, at night, she usually stops crying after 20-30 minutes and falls asleep. She remains quiet and in her crate for the rest of the night. Poppet would much prefer to be free in the house; however since she is a puppy, she still has some chewing tendencies so we put her in the crate when we need to leave her alone.
Poppet is only an option for a home that has owned a dog in the last 5 years. if there are children, they should be over the age of 6.


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