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Julianna! Shy. Cheerleader! Good W/Cats!   

In shelter Dog

St. Petersburg, FL, 33712
Pet name:
Julianna! Shy. Cheerleader! Good W/Cats!
Coat length:
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We adopt only to the Florida counties of Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee.  

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1.   Stay at home or work from home
2.  Must feed a quality diet

Julianna came to us by special request from a shelter manager, where Julianna stayed with the managers mother so she would not be subjected to shelter conditions.  The shelter manager loved her that much.  Julianna is a delightful, affectionate, fun loving cheerleader, that is, if she knows you.  With strangers she withdraws initially.  Then, once shes warmed up shes charming!   Julianna has been cat tested.   Video:
During the cat test she was not interested in that cat -- a good reaction!

What Julianna needs is a home that understands that she is in the process of trusting strangers. With that process we will help every step of the way.   A beautiful and petite little girl, Julianna is excellent with other dogs.

We cannot guarantee breed(s).  The breeds selected are a guestimate based on behavior and appearance.

Feeding a dog the same bag of dog food bag after bag goes against their natural digestive needs. Dogs need and crave variety.  Rotate!  Rotate bags of dog food.  No dog food formula has it all.  One formula cannot satisfy a dogs nutritional needs long term. 

Below is information for you!

Diet Rotation Helps Lower Risk
Diet rotation is a safer way to feed your dog.

That’s because…

Any dog food can contain hidden flaws and defects.

Too much of one nutrient…

Too little of another.

Or the food may contain hidden toxins or industrial contaminants.

Imperfections not yet discovered by the manufacturer.

Or the FDA.

And you’d never even know it.

What’s worse…

The effect of consuming any defective food tends to be magnified… whenever you feed the same food… continuously


When pet owners rotate different proteins, carbs and fats in and out of their dog’s bowl, their dog benefits by consuming and absorbing needed nutrients from a variety of dog food ingredients since each ingredient offers a different nutritional profile. Chicken contains higher levels of tryptophan than fish while organ meat has higher amounts of vitamins than flesh. By rotating your dog’s diet, you’re ensuring your dog adsorbs different nutrients, which keeps food allergies at bay.

Increases the Variety of Nutrients in Your Pets Diet
Rotational feeding means your dog or cat will have the opportunity to take in a much wider variety of nutrients including amino acids, EFAs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

While a high-quality adult pet food should have the right mix of ingredients to meet your pets nutritional needs, it’s believed that eating the same foods every day for years on end can potentially increase the risk that your pet becomes intolerant to the foods they eat. When you vary up your dog’s diet by adding new dog food to the rotation, you increase the range of nutrients, and in return, you could possibly reduce the risk of developing food sensitivities later in life.

Also, a varied diet more closely mimics the way dogs and cats’ wild counterparts eat. In nature, dogs, cats and other predators consume different meats throughout the week. Perhaps it’s rabbit for one meal and bird or squirrel the next, interspersed with grasses, berries, and other foodstuffs based on season and availability.

Adds Diversity to Your Pets Gut Bacteria
Gut bacteria is a vital part of health that many pet parents arent aware of. More and more research shows that good digestive health and strong immune systems are more likely if dogs have a “happy,” diverse gut microbiome.

When you change up your pets diet — with plenty of foods that contain fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics — you can potentially add more helpful bacteria to their body.


2. Builds healthy digestive & immune systems
Food allergies and intolerance are alarmingly common in dogs, and eating one protein or one food day in and day out could be a contributing factor. By switching protein sources and formulas, it reduces the chance of allergy development, ensures that theyre receiving a wide array of essential nutrients and increases their tolerance to dietary changes.

All about rotational feeding for dogs

“By changing up the different types of protein in your pet’s diet, you can help improve his overall health,” says veterinarian Dr. Bradley Quest.

One of the benefits of rotational feeding is that it can help dogs who have food sensitivities and intolerances. “Many food allergies and intolerances can be attributed to repeated and continued exposure to a certain protein source,” says Dr. Quest. “Over time, the pet’s body can have a negative immune reaction to a single protein. By rotating protein sources, we may reduce the frequency of food allergies and intolerances in our pets.”
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