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In shelter Dog

Surrey, BC, V3S 9M6
Pet name:
Doberman Pinscher
This is Africa! 

Africa is a 6 year old female Doberman Pinscher with a beautiful red & rust colour coat. She weighs approx 66 lbs. 

Africa was born in Mexico and she did have a family when she was a young puppy. The family had her tail docked but they were upset to learn that her ears could not be cropped due to a genetic variation in the shape of her ears. The family decided they didnt want to keep Africa without cropped ears, so they gave her away.

For the next 5 years, Africa was used as an outdoor security dog at a property complex. Because of her breed, they assumed she would be a good deterrent for intruders. She was fed daily by the property manager, but otherwise got very little attention. She was also never allowed indoors.

Africa finally got her second chance a few months ago when she was surrendered into the care of the rescue. Africa moved in with a foster family in Guadalajara. She now lives in a real home setting with adults, kids, and two other dogs. During these past few months, Africa has come a long way in adapting to family life!

Africas foster family describes her as a sweet, friendly dog who has never shown any aggression towards people. She bonded easily with the adults and kids in her foster home. She also integrated well with the resident dogs. In fact, she quite enjoys playing with other dogs and has even learned how fun it is to play with toys! 

Africa likes spending time outside in the yard, probably because she is so used to being an outdoor dog. But she is very happy to have all the comforts of a home, being allowed to curl up in front of the fireplace, and enjoy the companionship of a family. She would prefer a home with a yard, as opposed to apartment living.

Africa really likes going for walks and exploring her surroundings. She walks well on and off leash, and just wants to take in all the sights & smells! The Doberman breed definitely thrives with daily exercise, so Africa would be perfect for an outdoorsy person/family who will keep her physically active. However, Africa is not a young rambunctious puppy anymore so she knows how to unwind and relax at home.

In terms of being vocal, Africa will bark when she sees strangers or unknown dogs walking near the home. She is watchful and will alert you if she sees perceived danger. However, she does not go looking for trouble. Sometimes Africa gets spooked by loud noises which might also make her bark, but she responds to a firm no.

True to her breed, Africa is a intelligent dog. She is keen to learn, picks thing up quickly, and strives to please her humans. Ongoing training will be a great way to provide mental stimulation while also building a trusting bond with Africa. In her current foster home, Africa is fully house trained and responds well to basic commands. She is slowly getting used to car rides and is reasonably comfortable in a car.

VETTING: Africa is spayed, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and flea/tick treated. No known health issues. She has two small slits in her ears from the attempted cropping procedure by her first owner.

**PLEASE NOTE: Africa is currently in Mexico. There will be a $235 fee for transportation to Canada. This will be discussed upon approval.**
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