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In shelter Dog

Westlock, AB, T7P 2N9
Pet name:
Doberman Pinscher
Quinn is a year old puppy who has had a very rough start to life. She has been in at least half a dozen homes in her short life, including an animal shelter, and has suffered greatly because of it. This poor girl has a lot of anxiety issues that we are currently working through. She was originally surrendered because of fear aggression, as she had nipped a contractor in a past home. However, she is now completely muzzle-trained and can be introduced to new people successfully by a confident handler. With this said, a home with only occasional guests would be preferred. Quinn also has a blood clotting disorder called Von Willebrands that is an inheritable disease in Dobermans and prevents her blood from clotting as quickly as it should.

Quinn is very food motivated and a drivey little girl. She would love a home who will work her: be it nosework, agility, or obedience, Quinn would do best with a job. She is a problem-solver and has figured out how to open doors as well as our fridge! She is incredibly agile and jumps a 4 ft x-pen like nobodys business! Shes just a little thing, weighing about 50 lbs. Quinn eats all her meals in her crate and is generally fine in it as long as someone is home. She does get separation anxiety, however, and will bust out of anything less than an aluminum crate (which we are willing to lend to her new home). Unfortunately we must crate her in her foster home because of the other animals, but we think she would do best in a house where she wasnt crated/confined. She hasnt shown us to be very destructive when out, aside from reorganizing some of our laundry, chewing a couple leashes, and chowing down on a pizza she strategically extracted from our fridge. We have started her on anti-anxiety medication in hopes that we can reduce her stress levels when she is alone. She has shown some improvement and no longer suffers gastrointestinal distress when left alone.

Quinn will be looking for a home with no other dogs or a very experienced home with a confident male dog only. Although Quinn has a positive play history with many other dogs, she is a resource guarder of food, toys, and locations/resting spots. This means she absolutely cannot go to a home with children, or small dogs. Quinn will also need a home free of cats and small animals. Quinns perfect owner would be someone knowledgeable in behavior, who is patient, but consistent with firm boundaries. Once this girl trusts you, she is super sweet and loving, and actually quite well behaved for a pup!

Quinn is vaccinated and microchipped, and will be spayed prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $500. All adopters must agree not to use any punitive training methods including, but not limited to, leash corrections; pinning; alpha rolls; and prong, pinch, choke, shock, or e-collars. To apply to adopt Quinn, please submit an adoption application at

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