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In shelter Dog

Atlanta, GA, 30301
Pet name:
Dogo Argentino
White / Cream
Coat length:
We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm positive, pregnant, emaciated with a yellow stained coat. Her first few weeks in rescue were tough on Gina as she had to be separated from her best friend Tommy, and then heartbreakingly lost her entire litter of puppies.

Despite Ginas traumatic few weeks, nowadays she is the happiest girl in the world. Reunited with Tommy, they are both being fostered in the Atlanta suburbs where they spend their days playing with their dozens of toys, napping on their soft and comfy beds, and digging in the yard searching for moles. Gina loves her people and would happily spend all of her time with her humans, and she is so affectionate - this girl gives the best hugs!! Gina is well behaved and trained in basic commands.

Ginas ideal home would be somewhere Tommy would be welcome, too (:
Although Gina is good with other dogs (with a good intro of course) her ideal home would be one where her and Tommy could be the only dogs - giving their humans ample time to give them both the attention they deserve. Preferably people who like being outdoors, as they both adore spending time outside. No small children, as these two play hard and would knock over anything in their way!

Due to Ginas health issues, she is currently going through slow-kill heartworm treatment.  Any home interested in her would foster her until this time comes, with all medical expenses being covered by us.

Dogos are a wonderful breed but we urge anyone interested to dig in and do a lot of research before
deciding if they are a good fit for your home. They require a lot of attention and training with them
never ends! Boundaries must be enforced and they often need reminders as they push past boundaires
you set! Dogos are loving, kind and gentle but dont mistake that for weakness because they are equally
powerful and intense as well! Everyone in the home must be on board with having a dogo and play a
major role in their daily routines and training. Yes it is work, but the rewards are ten-fold! Lazy homes
dont work for dogos as they need stimulation, exercise, and lots of attention too during their younger
years. Our goal in rescue is to be as transparent as we can about each and every dog plus make sure new
families really understand the needs of a dogo!

DCDogos is committed to rescuing Dogos. For more adoptable Dogos, please visit


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