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Sophie June   

In shelter Cat

Metairie, LA, 70009
Pet name:
Sophie June
Domestic Long Hair
Sophie June was rescued as a very small kitten from under her owners car. When the tiny, long-haired, black kitten finally succumbed to a bowl of tuna, the woman looked at her and knew she would always be hers.
And life went on marvelously well for over nine years. Sophie June loved life with the woman and her older brother, and was spoiled rotten. Being an only child, she didnt have to share toys or treats or attention with anyone else. She adored chasing the laser and jumping for balls and feathers.
When she had a medical issue and was diagnosed with diabetes, her family gladly provided whatever it took to keep their little girl healthy, even if that meant insulin given twice daily. Then, out of nowhere, a pandemic hit and totally changed Sophies life.
First, the woman (and center of Sophies world) became ill. There were no more toys or treats, just the essentials of life, as the brother had health issues and did well to supply food and water for her.
And, if the situation wasnt bad enough, the only OTHER caretaker she had in the world became ill as well. Sophie was beginning to sense how bad things were becoming and spent most of her time under the bed, trying to figure out what was going on.
When a family member flew in from another state to "make arrangements," Sophie realized she would never see her owners again.
Everything was upside down, and her life literally hung in the balance. The family member was not in a position to offer Sophie a home and reached out to SpayMart for help.
Sophie has been residing at the SpayMart Shelter for several months now, where her medical needs are being provided, but adjustment has not been easy for her. She has never been around other pets or shared toys and attention.
She has done the best she can, but would much prefer to belong to a family, preferably as an only child. She will do better with a low key environment that mimics the only world shes ever known.
If you have a spot in your heart and home for this displaced little girl, or would just like to know more, please email!