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In shelter Cat

Youngsville, NC, 27596
Pet name:
Domestic Long Hair
We were contacted by a shelter about this beautiful girl because she was brought in after most likely being hit by a car. She couldnt use her back legs and pretty much just drug them although she could stand up some. We knew she would be put down because no one would adopt her.
After having her for several months, Tulip has improved tremendously! She has gotten much stronger and is able to stand, walk, and stay on her feet and even run some. Occasionally, her back right leg gives out and she sits down, but she is right back up and moving on. It doesnt affect her at all! She has no issues with the litter box, gets around just fine, and is the most loving and affectionate cat you will meet! She loves to be held, to be petted, to sit with you in your lap or beside you. She loves kisses and cuddles, and gives them in return. She loves brushing.
Tulip has some nerve damage in her back which is why her leg gives out, and sometimes when you pet her, it triggers the nerve and she has an unconscious and overwhelming episode of licking her fur. It last about 5 seconds. We are trying some steroids with her to see if we can maybe control this as well as some of the stiffness we see with her periodically.
Tulip needs no special care. Her perfect home would be on the quieter side with no young children, no dogs, and no aggressive cats. She hisses at other cats but doesnt do anything. We think she is afraid they will knock her over, and she knows she is vulnerable. 
Tulip does well with a room of her own where she can retreat if she gets scared, but doesnt need to be confined. She is not shy and likes to explore. She currently has her own room that is open to the rest of her foster home. She mingles with the other cats, loves breakfast and dinner time, and is just the sweetest and most affectionate girl! She currently lives in a foster home that does not have carpet and does fine, but carpet might actually be better for her. She can do steps although she gives her foster mom a heart attack when she goes down.
She has come such a long way, and we want a situation for her where someone is willing to give her time to get comfortable. She is very special to us, and we want someone to feel the same way about her. Shes on at least the second of 9 lives, so she deserves the rest of her lives to be purrfect!For more information or to apply to adopt please go to:


  1. American Humane Association
  2. Peeva
  3. American Veterinary Medical Association
  4. Veterinary Information Network
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