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Barn Cats - Assorted colors/temperament   

In shelter Cat

Crossville, TN, 38571
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Barn Cats - Assorted colors/temperament
Domestic Medium Hair
Our barn cats come in a variety of colors and temperaments. 

We pull these cats from the shelter as they are unadoptable and have no other options but to be barn cats. Our Barn Cat program has rescued over 300 cats with the help of our local animal shelter who contacts us as feral cats are brought in.  

In a shelter environment these cats tend to shut down and become sick so we try to get them out and onto farms/homesteads as quickly as we can. We pay to have each cat spayed/neutered and given a rabies vaccine.  

There is no adoption fee on these cats and we only ask that you provide food and water and a place to get out of the rain/snow etc (ie: barn, shed, dog house, converted bin etc)

We cannot guarantee that specific colors or genders are available at any given time. We can often accommodate gender requests. These cats are not suitable as house cats as a general rule which is how they end up in our Barn Cat Program.

Please note pictures do not represent current barn cats for adoption. If you are interested in a barn cat, please message us and we will let you know what is currently on our list of cats to rescue and how many we can initially provide.


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