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Sadie Mae   

In shelter Cat

Des Moines, IA, 50313
Pet name:
Sadie Mae
Domestic Medium Hair
HOW TO ADOPT: This cat is participating in our Shelter Cat Getaway foster program, which gives cats a vacation from the shelter and lets them enjoy home life while they wait to be adopted. To schedule a time to meet this cat, please contact Mary at or Carol at 

- Sensitive cat who will be very shy at first and need quite a bit of time to settle in - once she trusts you, shes the sweetest girl 

- Fast movements and loud noises make her nervous - she is looking for a calmer, quiet home 

- Is quite the talker and loves to tell you all about her day 

- Gorgeous cat with silky gray fur 

- Once shes learned to trust you, she can be a lap warmer and couch friend 

- Wants to know where her people are and, even if she doesnt want to be pet, she likes to be nearby 

- Needs a mature home with adults only 

- Not a fan of dogs, so she will be happiest in a home without them 

- Looking for a patient family who will treat her with understanding and help her become more comfortable over time; once she feels secure, she will be a great companion for a calm, patient person 

- Will be a wonderful friend for someone who wants to make a difference in the life of a fantastic cat who just needs a little extra time to trust 

- This cat can be fearful and may need extra time to adjust to a new home. Weve seen good progress here at the ARL, but dont be surprised if it takes several weeks for this cat to become comfortable in a new place. This cat may hide and just observe at first - maybe for quite a while - and that is perfectly normal. Young children are too much for this cat right now, so we are highly recommending a quiet, mature home. We are happy to provide post-adoption resources. If you can give this cat extra time, patience, and TLC, please consider adopting! It will be so rewarding to watch them gain confidence and start enjoying all the good things in life! 
 Primary Color: Grey Weight: 10lbs Age: 10yrs 3mths 3wks Animal has been Spayed


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