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In shelter Cat

Kenai, AK, 99611
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
Coat length:
We did it! It took a lot of love, and patience, and coaxing, but Mohawk is finally out of her shell! She loves her people now!

Mohawk was trapped as a feral kitten, and although she enjoyed being in the presence of people she still kept her distance; then one day, after more than a year, she suddenly decided she loved pets! And she is not shy about communicating her desire for loves. She greets her foster parents with sweet meows and positions her body for pets; if they don’t pet her long enough she lets them know and repositions her body so they can continue. Along with pets, she loves goodies. She is always one of the first in the kitchen for wet food, and comes running for treats.

Two years old, Mohawk is a medium-haired super-soft tortie girl who doesn’t like being picked up or held, and is skittish around fast movement and unknown sounds, so would do best in a home with older children. She will be shy at first, but give her some time and she will share her love with you all day long. She loves her kitty foster brother, and would love to have another kitty brother or sister, but would do fine as a single kitty, too.

In Soldotna. Please call 907-460-6620.


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